The 2023 horoscope: predictions for the year of Taurus

1st decan : The most important thing this year is that Jupiter (reputedly lucky planet) returns to your sign on May 16th. Its last passage dates from 2011, if you remember what happened, you will have an indicator of what can therefore happen from May, and even a little before. A priori, it is a very profitable situation and which can see you very comfortable financially, or in general in your life. But it’s not just that! Saturn, she begins a good aspect with you from the month of March, she will then enter Pisces, the sign that manages your projects and your friendships. On the project side, you could invest in something that will take you time, but which can only lead you to evolve, while maintaining solid foundations, essentially relational foundations.

2nd decan : you are not at all in the same boat as the 1st decan, you will only receive Jupiter, from the end of June until November, but that is not nothing. Go back, like the 1st decan, to 2011, 2012 to get an idea of ​​what positive things can happen in your life. One way or another, you will take up more space in your job, or be more productive, so the money will come in more easily, after a very unstable period. But there can also be an inheritance, a donation, an important compensation. For some, however, it is the legal side of Jupiter that will be active and you may have a little problem with the administration, especially tax. Unless an unfair situation arises and you are obliged to defend yourself, or have yourself defended by a lawyer.

3rd decan : Until March, Saturn will still occupy the zenith of your zodiac, and you may be out of work, or lack of goals to achieve, which may be a bit depressing. But, given that it leaves this sector in March (the 7th precisely), you can go up the slope. It will take as long as it takes, but tell yourself that you have the necessary strength and perseverance within you. Jupiter will not come to you this year but next year, however you will receive a visit from Uranus from May. It only happens every 84 years, so it’s (depending on your chart) something important in one of the key areas of your life: work or family. With Uranus, there is always instability and sometimes a very unique experience to live. And which can upset you internally, but which will also be an interesting lesson in life.

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The 2023 horoscope: predictions for the year of Taurus

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