Tell me your star sign, I’ll tell you which Bridgerton character you are

On March 25, The Bridgerton Chronicle will make a comeback on Netflix. The opportunity to look at the astro signs of our favorite characters.

Aries: Eloise Bridgerton

Impulsive and enthusiastic, Eloise Bridgerton is a true Aries. Far from being pushed around, the young woman does not hesitate to say what she thinks, to the chagrin of her mother, Lady Violet.

Brave, even a little reckless, Eloise gets fired up for the causes she considers just. Passionate, the young woman regularly invests in new challenges. She has also made a point of discovering the identity of the mysterious Lady Whistledown.

Bull: Siena Rosso

Loyal and thoughtful, Siena Rosso corresponds in all respects to the Taurus sign. Although she performs on stage every evening, the singer knows how to keep her feet on the ground. Stable and cautious, she is a precious friend.

In love, Siena does not hesitate to fight to obtain what she covets. Stubborn and a bit possessive, she dreams of marrying Anthony Bridgerton, despite their difference in rank. Nevertheless, as an authentic Taurus, his reason eventually prevails.

Gemini: Penelope Featherington

What better sign for this incurable chatterbox, who handles the pen and words brilliantly? Pleasant and amusing, Penelope Featherington is a real teaser. She is the ideal friend, at least in appearance.

Because yes, be careful not to entrust him with too many secrets: the young woman can transform any anecdote into a thrilling piece of paper. Queen of the bluff, her best weapon remains her double identity. Beneath the features of sweet Penelope hides the mysterious Lady Whistledown.

Cancer: Lady Violet

Tender and loving, Lady Violet corresponds to the Cancer sign. Endowed with great sensitivity, the matriarch of the Bridgerton clan constantly watches over her home: she is capable of anything to protect her loved ones.

Although discreet or even self-effacing, Lady Violet is not the type to be pushed around. She will not hesitate to get her claws out if necessary!

Leo: Simon Bassett

What could be better than a royal sign for the charismatic Duke of Hastings? A true heartbreaker, Simon Basset is used to being the center of attention. It’s simple: all the young women at court want to marry him.

A bit proud, the duke is nonetheless an altruistic and generous man. In love, he knows how to be attentive and passionate. Be careful, however, not to betray his trust: the Leo can be resentful.

Virgo: Lady Danbury

Attentive and thoughtful, Lady Danbury corresponds in all respects to the Virgo sign. Observation and reflection are his watchwords. She is also one of the first to have noticed the romance between Simon and Daphne.

Discreet, Lady Danbury knows how to listen. She is happy to share her valuable advice. A bit authoritarian, his recommendations can sometimes look like orders. At the same time, it is only very rarely wrong!

Libra: Daphne Bridgerton

The very symbol of elegance, justice and harmony, Daphne Bridgerton is a true Libra. Diamond of the season, the young woman shines with her grace and her gifts for dance. Sweet and refined, she knows how to appreciate beautiful things and social events.

In love, Daphne Bridgerton is a real blue flower. Terribly romantic, she idealizes marriage…even if it means being overtaken by reality!

Scorpio: Portia Featherington

Cunning and determined, Portia Featherington acts like a true Scorpion. Prudence, Philipa and Penelope’s mother struggles for her daughters. Ambitious, she dreams of marrying them off to the best possible parties. And this, whatever the cost!

Manipulative, she doesn’t hesitate to lie to get what she wants. And if his plans fail, there is no question of questioning himself. His motto: “Who loves me, follows me!”

Sagittarius: Colin Bridgerton

Always enthusiastic, Colin Bridgerton is a perfect Sagittarius. His generosity and spontaneity bring happiness to those close to him.

Daphne’s brother sees only the best in others, which can sometimes play tricks on him. No wonder, then, that young Marina Thompson targeted him. But be careful not to abuse his kindness: terribly honest, he hardly forgives betrayal.

Capricorn: Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony is the eldest of the Bridgerton siblings. Head of the family since the death of his father, prudence, maturity and restraint are his watchwords. If, at first glance, many consider him a cold and rigid person, under his shell actually hides an honest and benevolent man.

Responsible, Anthony has a sense of duty: he knows that he will have to sacrifice love to safeguard the honor of his family. And this, even if he secretly loves Siena, a young singer.

Aquarius: Queen Charlotte

Intelligent and visionary, Queen Charlotte is a true Aquarius. Thinking big and developing his kingdom are his watchwords.

Undemonstrative, His Majesty is rather difficult to pin down. His emotions? She prefers to hide them. However, once her confidence has been won, she will be able to be cheerful and spontaneous.

Fish: Benedict Bridgerton

A true Pisces, Benedict Bridgerton is the entertainer of the family. Endowed with great sensitivity and passionate about art, he excels in painting. He also takes refuge in this hobby which allows him to express his emotions.

On the love side, Benedict Bridgerton is a true romantic. Rather mysterious, Anthony’s younger brother seduces effortlessly. It’s simple: he has a string of conquests!

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Tell me your star sign, I’ll tell you which Bridgerton character you are

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