Super Thunder Moon July 13, 2022: Here’s what the most important lunation of the year has in store for you

The first full moon of summer launches the hot season with great fanfare.

Because the supermoon of Wednesday July 13, 2022 will be, according to specialists in the stars, one of the most determining celestial movements of the year. Qualified as a “thunder moon”, the latter settles in the determined and measured Capricorn.

Visible from France around 10 p.m. Wednesday evening, the full moon is announced as the “brightest and most important of 2022” by the Farmer’s Almanac.

An exceptional program to occupy a scorching evening but which does not bode well for a very relaxing start to summer.

“With the Moon in Capricorn, we become aware of how our past experiences have shaped our journey into adulthood. There is no running away from such realizations, we will be presented with a fait accompli and have to combine with material and emotional consequences“, warns astrologer Ryan Marquardt near Bustle.

The super thunder moon, a sign of personal renewal

In effect, if the full thunder moon is a cosmic event that never goes unnoticed every early summer, it is because its consequences are resounding.

Moreover, it is thunderstorms that usually tint the summer months that it takes its name. “July being considered one of the hottest and stormiest months in the northern hemisphere”, explicit the site TF1 News.

In English-speaking countries, it is a completely different name – but a related meaning – which is given to it. Across the Atlantic, it is thus known under the name of buck moon (translate “deer moon”).

According to Farmer’s Almanac, this moon marks the beginning of the season when male deer see their antlers grow, a sign of renewal and personal growth according to the spiritual interpretation. Add to this meaning that the July lunation will be the brightest of the year and rest assured that it will be a powerful celestial movement that will shake us up on the night of July 13 to 14, 2022.

“It’s kind of a metaphor for the projects and goals you’ve worked on this year and the results of which are fully manifesting,” adds astro-journalist Brittany Beringer for Bustle.

A lunation in the sign of Capricorn: between ambition and emotions

And we know that work is one of Capricorn’s strong points.

If the full moons are highlights of our months because they are generally the spectators of decision-making, this positioning in Capricorn exacerbates the “renewal” effect of a so-called “lambda” lunation.

“Like pragmatic and hard-working Capricorn, you might feel particularly motivated to create new projects or close a chapter before starting a new one“, precise astro-journalist Maressa Brown for InStyle.

According to the specialist of BustleBrittany Beringer, self-discipline and ambition are the watchwords of this celestial movement. Be careful though, if the horned sign is not known as one of the most emotional of the Zodiac, it is only a facade that must be taken into account so as not to be surprised by an intense emotional wave.

“That’s definitely something to keep in mind. This is an opportunity to recognize and process heavy and potentially buried feelings. Don’t think you’re going to cut it because it’s the sign of Capricorn that rules this summer full moon.”, warns Maressa Brown.

Because if we cannot deny that Capricorn is a lone wolf, he remains very attached to his public image and to what others think of him. “With him, you have to think about reputation, career and achievements. This lunation is about the hard road to success, so it’s about dissecting your plan of attack and updating your long-term goals, while gleaning the feelings of those around you”, writes the specialist in the stars of Bustle.

Saturn and Uranus in conjunction for always more action

But as always, the ballet of planets that accompanies this full moon will not be without effects on the upheavals it brings.

“Given the emotional nature of a full moon, coupled with the assiduous influence of Saturn a.k.a the planetary ruler of Capricorn, you might also be tempted by a personal dive on a grand scale. Tougher workouts, more intensive therapy, or just getting started in earnest meditation or holding a log. We have to find a way toaddress the emotions that overwhelm you“, continues Brittany Beringer.

“One of the keys to this Full Moon is also its harmonious and productive trine to Uranus, the planet of rebellion, change and innovation. Although Uranus tends to bring about sudden and unexpected events, it can also turn into an inspiring puff”, reassures, for her part, Maressa Brown.

Supermoon of July 13, 2022: What effects on my astro sign?

Even if the summer holidays have arrived, you will have your head at work, friends. Rams. The stars invite you to conclude a professional chapter without fear, a financial reward is on the way.

At the bulls, it will be about adventures and limits tested. You want to get out of your comfort zone and that’s a great thing: you’ll grow from these new experiences.

Abundant emotions and intimacy will be the key words of this full moon for the Gemini. You feel the need to be closer to those you love.

For the Cancer lovers, it’s time to find out if your partner’s feelings are reciprocated. For singles, a striking encounter might just surprise you.

At this moment, the lions are fed up with everything. The routine weighs you down and your morale is weighed down. It is time to better structure your daily life to improve your work-life balance.

You’re in the mood for love, dear. virgins. Whether you are in a relationship or alone, you want to open a new chapter in your heart. A word of advice: embrace the unknown.

The time is healing for you, Scales. Now is the time to resolve those emotional issues that tie you to your past.

You want to learn and especially from others, friends Scorpios. But don’t forget to set boundaries so that you take care of yourself as well as you take care of others.

It’s time to wrap up projects with the Sagittarians. A financially motivated project or a professional arrangement to make: don’t hesitate to get started, the stars are good for your wallet.

This full moon settles in your sign, Capricorns. So beware of strong emotions. So stop being tough and address your feelings without shame. It’s time to take a step back stress less and listen to you better.

Injured at the start of the year, the Aquarius finally come out of the water. But if your wounds are healed, do not forget those that you may have inflicted on others in the past.

Pre-holiday networking on the agenda for Pisces. You end a long-standing collaboration, with friends or colleagues and you meet new ones. Now be sure to take a moment to revel in it.

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Super Thunder Moon July 13, 2022: Here’s what the most important lunation of the year has in store for you

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