Super Strawberry Moon June 14, 2022: Ultra Positive Energies to Achieve Our Goals

Last full moon of spring, Strawberry Supermoon June 14, 2022 sets the tone for our first real review of the year 2022, before the start of the summer vacation season.

While many are still in the process of picking up the broken pots of the hectic sky of recent months (we will not say thank you to Mercury and its retrograde), this full moon, settled in the sign of Sagittarius, will be “spirited, romantic and very fiery”provides astro-journalist Maressa Brown for InStyle.

Like the sign of fire, whose adventurous and daring energy will invade the sky, this full moon will inspire us to follow our instincts to make our final choiceswith determination, before the summer period which promises to be – phew! – calmer.

“She will encourage us to wipe our slate clean in view of the summer magic to come”, warns, for her part, astrologer Nina Kahn for Bustle.

Traditionally called the Strawberry Moon, this cosmic event also happens to be a supermoon – meaning it’s taking place in closer than usual proximity to Earth – so expect tenfold effects.

Strawberry Super Moon May 14, 2022: It’s time to reap what we sow

According Farmer’s Almanac website“Strawberry Moon” – strawberry moon – is the nickname given to the June full moon by the Algonquin tribes of North America.

“As spring turns to summer and the May flowers begin to wilt, berries burst from the bushes. The strawberry sweet, tangy and nutritious wild meat was only available during this short time each year,” the online encyclopedia explains.

If this nickname can make you smile, it aligns perfectly with the spiritual resonance of this late spring moon. “Astrologically, it marks a time to deliver on our mid-year goals and reap the fruits of our labor. The full moon of June 2022 is ideal for basking in the magic of our accomplishments and allowing us to get excited about our future projects. That’s why it’s important to celebrate our growth and progress as we prepare for a new season,” Nina Kahn told Bustle.

A boost of vitamins; which we really need to start the final stretch before the summer holidays.

Sagittarius energy, a dose of “cosmic magic” to achieve new goals

Beyond the “harvest” effect that the Strawberry Moon brings each year, it will be colored with the energy of dynamic and daring Sagittarius.

“Sagittarius is one of the most adaptable signs of the zodiac. So while this full moon is certainly one that could spur some outspoken and fiery behavior, it’s also a time that lends itself to going with the flow,” she said. astro-journalist Maressa Brown. It is therefore up to you to see which attitude best suits your current needs.

Anyway, everyone will have the right to a mid-term review. After a first half of 2022 with violent celestial movements, it’s time to make a clean sweep of the past to start the last half of the year with a lightened spirit.

“Take this opportunity to reflect on what you have accomplished over the past six months. Spend a moment reflecting on the goals you set for yourself at the start of the year and take stock of each one. The spiritual significance of This Full Moon can help re-energize our focus on our larger-scale dreams.Allow it to heighten your sense of trust in you“, advises the specialist in the stars ofInStyle.

And don’t be afraid to think even bigger: Now is the time to set your goals for the rest of the year, because the “cosmic magic” of this Strawberry Moon will only last for a while. But don’t forget your spiritual development, because your aspirations should not be “only” material.

“This lunation, ruled by Sagittarius, urges us to look beyond our immediate surroundings and begin chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Now is the time to broaden our horizons, shift our personal paradigms, and aim for the stars. be optimistic when you set your intentions and don’t limit yourself to the fruits at hand,” confirms astrologer Nina Kahn.

Saturn and Neptune in ambush: beware of overconfidence

Caution all the same in the face of great excitement: at the end of spring, the waltz of the planets is in full swing above our heads.

“Although the bold energy of Sagittarius can motivate epiphanies, the moon forms a stable sextile with saturn, the planet of restriction and commitment, which could work as a brake for those planning to push too hard.”comments Maressa Brown.

Neptune will also confuse the tracks of this full moon charged with positive energies. If Saturn helps us keep our feet on the ground, the twin of Uranus will encourage us to rush into the heap, fogging up our rational thinking. So beware of overconfidence and prefer to think twice before making important decisions..

Finally, love affairs could well be stimulated with this moon in Sagittarius, thanks to the position of Venus. “Strawberry Moon Sparks Summer Romance. At the time of the full moon, Venus will align with the unpredictable Uranus, bringing unexpected twists to our romantic lives”, tease Nina Kahn.

Full moon of May 14, 2022: what effects on my astro sign?

And as with every cosmic event, the signs of the zodiac will see the effects of the full moon manifest in different ways.

You will feel adventurous. Ram. It’s time to let go of all the limits you imposed on yourself at the beginning of the year and which seem to prevent you from embracing life. Love, friendship, work… Do not hesitate to shake up your habits, it can only do you good.

The natives of the sign of Bull no longer have time to waste their time at the end of spring. Whatever takes your mental space, you’ll leave it at summer’s doorstep. A quasi-combatant spirit dwells in you, it’s time to learn to say no.

In addition to the full moon, Gemini, Mercury is back in your sign, at the dawn of summer. You are in search of truth. If you’ve been questioning a lot of things lately (love relationships, friendships, wanting to go elsewhere professionally), now is the time to decide and find out where your truth lies, to grow personally.

Cancerthis full moon will be placed under the sign of welfare for you. Are you tired of the last few months? So set up a new routine that will benefit your physical and mental health. You are motivated to defend your needs and your new habits in the face of the outside world.

Love, love, love… You will only have this word in mind Lion. You will put your creativity at the service of the one you love. If you are in a process of seduction, the first dates will be explosive, on the other hand, if you are already a taken heart, it is an opportunity to establish a new framework with a partner, to achieve a long-term wish.

You often avoid having to go there, but you won’t cut it this time, natives of the Virgin : it’s time to work on your emotions. You will be confronted with your past and the flaws it may have created in you. Personal healing work can be particularly productive now.

Balance, prepare to be solicited from all sides. Family, lover, colleague, friend… Everyone will want to benefit from your lights and you will have to choose so as not to exhaust yourself. Your challenge now is to figure out what your energy is really worth and put anything extra on the back burner.

You are in lack of professional recognition, dear. Scorpio. You are proud of the work accomplished in recent months, but you would like others to let you know. Do not hesitate to defend your piece of bread in front of those who turn a deaf ear, soon will come the time for the laurel harvest.

It’s in the spotlight that you spend this full moon, friends. Sagittarius. You are very close to the finish line of a goal that you set up several months ago. Take the time to celebrate this victory, once the race is over, before embarking on another challenge.

You will dream a lot these next nights, Capricorn. Installed in your twelfth house of spirituality, this full moon will send you messages through dreams. Listen to what Morpheus has to say to you and try to address the deep emotions that could arise from it. This could be very beneficial for this last semester started.

If you’ve had trouble making yourself understood at work lately, Aquariusknow that chilly relationships with your colleagues will settle. This full moon could be characterized by real progress, at the level of the professional network. Boosted by Saturn, the effects of this Full Moon also give you the confidence you need to meet personal challenges.

Pisces, you are at a professional turning point, at the end of spring. The full moon of June 14, 2022 will only do one thing: comfort you in your career choices. If you evolve in an environment that does not recognize your dedication, move on, you are a precious asset that any company should cherish. Learn to see yourself that way.

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Super Strawberry Moon June 14, 2022: Ultra Positive Energies to Achieve Our Goals

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