Spring Equinox: An Astrologer Helps Us Make the Most of It

In the relay race of the seasons, few events we look forward to more eagerly than the vernal equinox. Marking the end of winter, it will occur this year on Sunday, March 20, 2022, bringing the promise of late dusks, bright dawns and early birdsong. The day and the night will indeed have exactly the same duration, before the darkness yields more and more margin to the light. However, in the field of astrology, this type of moment represents much more than a seasonal transition: like full moons or other super-moons, the equinoxes and solstices often symbolize important passages, which some people celebrate through various rituals, reflections or resolutions. Crystals, meditations, journaling… ideas have been abounding on Instagram and TikTok for several years.

So as not to (again) miss the boat, we asked a few questions to the young astrologer from Liège, Shana Lyès, author ofastrolove (Ed. Harper Collins) and Love (Ed. Harlequin). Very followed on social networks, the young woman is better known under the name of Astrolya and delivers daily horoscopes or star readings: as soon as a retrograde planet or a full moon approaches, Shana hastens to deliver detailed explanations to its thousands of subscribers.

March, the real month of resolutions

When it comes to the vernal equinox, the astrologer believes it’s the best time to make a fresh start or write down your list of good resolutions: “In the days of the Roman calendar, March was the first month of the year, she says. This makes sense, knowing that Aries is also the first sign of the zodiac, and symbolizes the energy of starting over, of renewal, the flame of the beginning of life. It’s a good time to make resolutions, because we are less tired than the first of January, the rest that winter brings is slowly ending and nature follows the same movement, waking up little by little. » For the astrologer, it can be interesting to make different resolutions with each new season, adapted to the energy of the different times of the year. “Spring, however, will give us the most momentum to bring about change, to create renewal,” she adds.

Among the habits that make it possible to draw on the energy of the equinox, the young woman cites in particular sorting, the famous spring cleaning, the fact of reconnecting with nature on the alert and the idea of ​​letting go of the past to enter into a new era. “I advise to see this period as a renewal for oneself and to target a particular area: where do we want to see renewal? The sign of Aries, in the spotlight at this time, invites you to act, without thinking too much. So now is the perfect time to focus on a single activity and do your best to complete it.”

Who will be most impacted?

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and air signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini) have every reason to rejoice: Shana Lyès predicts that the spring equinox will influence them in a very positive way, boosting their projects and their transitions to renewal. “However, it will be more of a problem for Capricorns and Cancers, while Taurus and Scorpios should feel quite a bit of things moving…as it has been for them for several months!”

“In addition, by summer, we can expect four supermoons (very large full moons, at their perigee), continues the astrologer. The first two will appear on May 16, 2022 in Scorpio, and on June 14, 2022 in Sagittarius. Their effect is even more powerful than that of the full moons, some people take advantage of this energy to launch projects or get rid of what weighs them down. Still others will feel more nervous or have trouble falling asleep. The date of June 14 seems particularly significant, knowing that this day crystallizes the most important feminist events in Switzerland.

Aspects of tension for spring

Since the beginning of the health crisis and the year 2022, astrologers around the world have been looking for answers in the sky, in the face of tumultuous and devastating news. “This year, on the day of the equinox, the Sun will be placed in Aries and the moon in Libra, analyzes Shana Lyès. It’s interesting, because this Aries-Libra axis is ambivalent, knowing that it can represent love and peace as much as hate and violence. One can only hope that it will lean towards the first pole. Likewise, on that day, 4 planets will be in Aquarius, a sign of humanitarianism, community, sharing between humans. From this characteristic ambivalence, we can draw only an invitation to hope. And the promise, at least, that spring is coming.

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Spring Equinox: An Astrologer Helps Us Make the Most of It

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