Rare fact: this June 24, 2022, five stars align and encourage us to embrace our destiny

In this month of June 2022, the stars spoil us. Very rare fact, five planets currently line up in the sky. Visible to the naked eye since the beginning of the month and until June 27, 2022, this precious bow is not just a treasure for the eyes.

By combining their forces for the first time in 18 years, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn encourage us to address the imbalances in our lives, in order to align our actions with our values ​​and our aspirations for the future. It will be a moment of great reflection, sometimes even of introspection”, announces Bustle.

Especially since the movement will be at its peak (and therefore most visible) on Friday June 24 in the early morning. So expect a weekend full of surprises.

Be careful, if you want to observe it with the naked eye to soak up its cosmic magic, you will have to get up early. Star specialists recommend standing in front of your window (or in your garden) 45 minutes before sunrise (i.e. around 5 a.m.) reports the BBC.

A “super rare conjunction”

“Conjunctions are already relatively uncommon, but a super conjunction of five planets is extremely rare”, emphasizes Bustle.

By the way, the last time such an alignment happened was in 2004 and the next one is not expected before 2040.

“And what is even more remarkable in this month’s programming is that the planets are arranged in their natural order from the Sun“, note Diana Hannikainen, astronomy researcherfor Sky and Telescopes.

Mercury will be the first planet to find the shade, then its four friends “will move away little by little”. “In September, Venus and Saturn will no longer be visible to most observers,” according to the NASA.

A return to basics to initiate new projects

But much more than feasting our eyes, this exceptional parade will turn our destinies upside down, a few days before the new moon of June 29, 2022.

“Respectively, they are planets that represent communication, love, strength to act, abundance and discipline. Notions which will be exacerbated throughout their celestial ballet, but which will be increased tenfold at the time of the climax expected on the morning of June 24, ”continues Bustle.

Asked by NationalWorld, astrologer Nicolas Aujula indicates that the alignment of Mars and Jupiter in Aries marks “a favorable moment for a new beginning”, this sign being the first of the zodiac. “If you have in mind to start a business or embark on a new romantic relationship, now is the time to take the plunge”he assures.

The moment also, according to Ie blog of Canadian astrologer Chani Nicholasto come and greet the planets and take the opportunity to practice gratitude and visualization.

“These five planets (along with the Sun and the Moon) are the seven bodies we focus on in traditional frameworks, such as planetary dominance. Before there were astrology apps, there was simply the night sky. June is almost like traveling back in time to what ancient astrologers used to experience. It’s a memory, in a way. A real encounter with the planets, without the intermediary of a screen. The opportunity to greet them as it should be”, she writes.

“This placement gives us a lot of energy, enthusiasm and people will be able to see that their self-confidence is much larger”, supports Nicolas Aujula for NationalWorld.

However, be careful not to burn your wings. This conjunction being marked by the influence of Mars, “the planet of anger”, for the specialist, it will be necessary to pay attention to the frictions. “Don’t let yourself be pushed around though,” he advises.

Alignment of the planets of June 24, 2022: what influence on my sign?

Ram, two planets are in conjunction in your sign, and you will be greatly affected. You will be more aggressive and loud than usual. Use this assurance to make things happen, without crushing others.

You will bathe in reverie, friends bulls. Maybe it’s time to make it your reality? This conjunction pushes you to imagine the impossible and the universe will help you achieve it.

On the side of Gemini, it will be the comfort of the other that will be sought. You’re tired of going it alone. Without support, no great achievements. It’s time to call your friends, or make new ones.

Cancer, you go headlong, driven by a thirst for professionalism. If you want to move up the ladder, it’s now or never. Job interview, promotion… Everything will work out for you, so don’t stress.

The natives of Lion have their minds on vacation. If you are not leaving this summer, see another meaning in this alignment. It’s time to take stock of your current situation and perhaps to consider new horizons.

You need money, Virgin ? There may be tensions regarding refunds. You will want to take your complete financial independence, so you no longer have to rely on your loved ones, when an investment catches your eye.

The Scales are going to have hearts in their eyes in the coming days. Alignment makes you romantic. Great intensity and a rare connection emanate from your most cherished relationships. This is a good time for an engagement or moving in together.

Scorpio, health and wellbeing will be your watchwords. So go to the gym, walk or swim to let off steam. It’s time to pamper yourself and return to a lifestyle that is more respectful of your person. Why don’t you schedule a massage ?

Party atmosphere these next few days at the Sagittarians. You are going to want to go out and meet new people to channel this overflowing energy that has lived in you all month long.

Dear.es Capricorns, at home it will be rather a quiet weekend ahead. You will take care of your home. Do-it-yourself, decoration, storage… You will see more clearly in a few days. Be sure to take care of those who occupy this home too, family time is all you need.

You will finally come out of your torpor Aquarius. This conjunction of the rarest will boost you. New ideas, innovative desires… Remember to write everything down, because it could lead to great achievements in a few months.

Natives of Fish, you will have to watch your expenses. You tend to flare up, but you know that now is not the time. If the stars do not foresee a salary increase straight away, it could happen before the end of the year. Just window-shop a little longer, your efforts will be rewarded.

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Rare fact: this June 24, 2022, five stars align and encourage us to embrace our destiny

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