Presidential 2022: discover the astrological signs of the candidates

While the first round of voting will take place this Sunday, April 10, and astrology is experiencing a resurgence of interest among the French, CNEWS looked at the signs of the Zodiac of the contenders for the Élysée.

If certain astrological portraits seem to be in agreement with the personality of the candidates, others, on the contrary, are more surprising.

However, it is good to remember that astrology is a divinatory art and not an exact science. Moreover, to have a precise analysis, it is necessary to take into account the ascendant, and all the other characteristics of the birth chart.

For this article, CNEWS relied on the work of the clairvoyant and astrologer Chris Semetauthor of various books, including “Astrology” (ed. Hugo Poche).

Emmanuel Macron: Sagittarius

With great spontaneity, the Sagittarius is dynamic, optimistic, playful, generous and sympathetic. Sociable, he likes exchanges. This Fire sign is competitive and fearless. He has a taste for risk, for action, and is determined and enduring. This native, ruled by Chiron and Jupiter, symbol of growth and fulfillment, is honest and frank. As a good enthusiast, he ignites and gets carried away quickly. He is an independent constantly in search of freedom and escape.

Valerie Pécresse: Cancer

Emotional and original, the Cancer has a great imagination. Very attached to his family, his roots and his past, he is a conservative. Habits and “rituals” reassure him and calm his anxieties or fears. Sweet, affectionate, and sensitive, this Water sign is a dreamer who has trouble keeping his feet on the ground. Ruled by the Moon, associated with creativity, emotionality and sensitivity, he never leaves the world of childhood and can be capricious.

Jean Lassalle: Taurus

Under the influence of the Moon and Venus, planet of beauty, pleasure and emotions, the Bull is serious, concrete, and down to earth. It is a resistant and determined sign. Loving clarity, he avoids ambiguous situations and seeks stability. Beneath his self-confident appearance, Taurus actually hides great sensitivity. Linked to the Water element, this sign is also known as being shy, gentle, pleasant, sociable and epicurean.

Fabien Roussel: Aries

Fire sign, Aries is passionate, sparkling, enterprising, dynamic and independent. He crunches life to the fullest by being in the present and does not ask too many questions. Monotony and boredom are its enemies. Ruled by the planet Mars, which notably symbolizes energy, strength and courage, it thirsts for adventure and challenges. the Ram has a caustic sense of humor. Impulsive, he can sometimes lack finesse.

Nathalie Arthaud, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, Philippe Poutou: Fish

The native of the sign of Pisces is endowed with great emotivity. Instinctive and intuitive, this Water sign is extremely receptive to its environment. Sentimental and hypersensitive, he has difficulty managing his emotions and anxieties. Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, which represents imagination, empathy, and spirituality, it is dreamy and idealistic. Excellent company, Pisces are friendly and attentive.

Eric Zemmour: Virgo

Very observant and perfectionist at heart, the Virgin is diligent and methodical. Calm, calm and introverted by nature, this Earth sign has a strong sense of duty. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, a planet symbolizing intellect, reasoning and adaptability. His great fault is his lack of confidence and his anxious temperament. Afraid of being disappointed, she is suspicious in her relationships with others.

Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Yannick Jadot: Lion

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which symbolically represents the Me and the Self and embodies the consciousness of the individual. sign of fire, the Lion is dynamic, determined, fearless and passionate. He likes to shine in society or in his private sphere. Doing nothing without conviction, he needs to set goals. Curious, frank and ambitious, he gives himself all the means to succeed and cannot stand hypocrisy and lies.

Anne Hidalgo: Gemini

Although cerebral, the sign of Gemini try to take life lightly. He is a sociable, communicative and sympathetic being. Eternal adolescent, he is quick, lively and caustic. Geminis are curious and need to broaden their horizons and culture. Adaptable, this Air sign knows how to get in tune with the people it meets. He is also known to change his mind and mood easily.

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Presidential 2022: discover the astrological signs of the candidates

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