Paid to predict the price of Bitcoin, this astrologer is now facing criticism

News hardware Paid to predict the price of Bitcoin, this astrologer is now facing criticism

Maren Altman, a famous astrologer influencer who offers her services to analyze the market and give predictions for several cryptocurrencies, is currently under fire from critics. Following the disclosure of several legal documents undermining her honesty, the influencer must now be held accountable for potential partnerships and conflicts of interest.

Maren Altman, the astrologer of Bitcoin and other cryptos

You surely know the Wallstreet traders and their technical analyzes punctuated by multiple graphs and curves of all kinds. Only, it could be that this system is no longer up to date…

Maren Altman found another less tedious (but not necessarily more efficient) method. This is based on astrology to predict the price of different cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or Ethereum. If the method may surprise, it seems that people are convinced by this approach since his YouTube channel has more than 200,000 subscribers.

While everything was going well, despite the crypto winter, the influencer has been in turmoil for a few days.

Astrology to predict Bitcoin and crypto prices, but not only…

The crypto seer is accused of having steered some of her predictions out of pure conflict of interest. A court document has been posted on Twitter that features a $30,000 payment to Maren Altman. The issuer of these two transfers is neither more nor less than Celsius Network.

If this company means anything to you, it’s because it became infamous after its bankruptcy last July, following the fall of crypto among others. The crypto lending platform had caused a lot of talk, especially after suspending the accounts of its users. After filing for bankruptcy, Celsius still owes 4.7 billion euros to its users.

To return to the case of Maren Altman, it is important to specify that this platform had its own cryptographic token: the CEL. In several of her videos, the influencer notably touted the qualities of this platform without mentioning the token. While several of these partnerships are common within the crypto ecosystem, in the case of Altman, the problem stems from the fact that the influencer hid the nature of the collaboration from her community.

Specifically, Altman’s contract with Celsius states that she was to receive $15,000 per month “in exchange for two YouTube mid-roll video ads per calendar month and two mentions of Celsius delivered on Tik Tok.”

The Bitcoin astrologer faces a tornado on Twitter

With 1.8 million subscribers on TikTok and its various social networks combined, many of its followers feel duped. Many believe that the analyzes were distorted because of this partnership. Several critics on Twitter say that the youtuber would have created a favorable climate despite the problems related to the cash flow at Celsius.

“My mistake was to trust Celsius”, “No idea, no visibility on anything other than my marketing campaign.” says Maren Altman at Coindesk, facing accusations over her view on the plight of the company.

In this interview with Coindesk, Altman finally acknowledged that Celsius paid her for this promotion. An advertisement that she considers “no different from a fashion advertisement for a company”.

She also took the opportunity to condemn the remarks of which she was the target, which she describes as “witch hunt”. Indeed, since the publication of the incriminating documents, it would seem that the youtuber has become the scapegoat of the Celsius company.

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Paid to predict the price of Bitcoin, this astrologer is now facing criticism

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