New Moon of November 23, 2022: these astro signs that will experience a big change

The end of the year is approaching. The proof ? November 23, 2022 will be the penultimate New Moon of the year. Good news: it will allow us to approach the month of December with enthusiasm and optimism. Discover the astrological signs who will benefit from the positive effects of this star and, on the contrary, those who risk being confronted with difficulties.

Effect and meaning of the New Moon in Sagittarius

The New Moon is always a moment that marks the start of a new month-long cycle. For thirty days, we are invited to focus on one aspect of our lives in particular and to evolve in the most favorable way possible. Decisions have to be made and it is also the perfect time to let go of what no longer suits us.

In astrology, it is believed that the Moon and the Sun are particularly close: the Moon is located between the Sun and the Earth. Against the light, it is almost invisible in the sky. This is the reason why she is represented entirely black in astrology.

In which sign is the New Moon of November 23, 2022?

L’influence of the moon depends on the astrological sign in which it is. She can radiate all her influence with ease thanks to certain signs and on the contrary be limited and constrained with others.

On November 23, 2022, the Sun and the Moon are located in the sign in Sagittarius. This position gives the taste of elsewhere: we need independence and freedom while exploring new horizons. It can lead to behavior that does not fit our habits or our daily lives.

The lucky zodiac signs with the New Moon in Sagittarius

Three astrological signs will benefit from the good influence of this New Moon.

  • Love for Sagittarius : Everything seems to smile for Sagittarius. He has only one desire: to have fun and enjoy life! The planets are there to accompany and support him. On the program a rich social life and opportunities for friendly encounters… or romantic encounters. It’s the right time to brave the cold and go out to enjoy life to the fullest.

  • Escape for Aries : This astrological sign needs a change of scenery and we advise him to listen to himself. This New Moon invites him to think outside the box and out of his comfort zone. Why not plan an exotic vacation? Sign up for a new activity? In short, challenge yourself. Beautiful surprises could result from it.

  • Time for Leo : Unlike Aries, this star sign needs calm and rest. It’s time to think about him and take a step back. Beautiful ideas could come out of this period of calm. He is advised to spend time at home, with his loved ones to recharge his batteries.

Unlucky signs with the New Moon in Sagittarius

Three astrological signs are likely to experience difficulties with this New Moon.

  • Beware of the excesses of Gemini : This New Moon risks pushing the sign of Gemini to its limits. He can pull on the rope and find himself particularly tired. He also risks losing his temper, so avoid all tense situations.

  • Pisces fatigue : The energy of this astrological sign is fluctuating. It tends to scatter and therefore lose all its energy unnecessarily. The sign of Pisces has every interest in refocusing during this New Moon.

  • Virgo’s Financial Spending : This is not the time to spend money indiscriminately. The sign of Virgo may have cold sweats with his bank account. Is it deserved or is it unfounded stress? This is the right time to look into the matter.

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New Moon of November 23, 2022: these astro signs that will experience a big change

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