New Moon June 29, 2022: Which zodiac sign will be lucky with their finances?

Summer has officially started! It’s time to take advantage of the long sunny days and warm evenings. The New Moon June 29, 2022 is the signal of a new beginning: new energies are available to us and, depending on its position in the sky but also on our own astrological sign, it is up to us to take advantage of it.

Meaning of the New Moon of June 29, 2022

A New Moon is always the time in the month when the Moon and the Sun are closest. The Moon is placed between the Sun and the Earth: result, it seems to be against the light in the sky. Do not try to observe it in the sky during the night. A New Moon is nearly invisible, which is why it is always drawn entirely black.

When the Sun and the Moon are this close, they are said in astrology to be conjunct. It is believed that these two stars join forces to work together: but their influence is so great that they can create tensions. According to astrological sign in which there is a New Moon, the signs of the Zodiac receive a positive or negative influence.

In which sign is the New Moon of June 29, 2022?

In astrology, a New Moon is believed to sign a new start. It is an excellent time to be introspective and ask real questions. This is not necessarily the best time to act, but rather to reflect and establish a plan of attack to be executed during the Full Moon.

On June 29, 2022, the New Moon will take place in the sign of Cancer. It is in the latter that the Moon is most powerful. Our inner world is particularly rich: sensations, emotions and memories are the order of the day. The notions of cocoon, family and security are essential. It’s a good time to invest in your daily life and reflect on what makes us deeply happy.

The astro signs favored by the New Moon in Cancer

Discover the zodiac signs that will be lucky with this New Moon

  • The instinct of Pisces is developed

The sign of Pisces has a lot of charm during this New Moon. He is very outgoing and can easily bond. His instinct is also widely developed. It’s time to take advantage of all these assets on a daily basis, especially in the field of work.

  • Good financial news for Scorpio

It’s time to make the right financial choices for the sign of Scorpio. Indeed, this New Moon can mark the beginning of a new period with new pecuniary stakes. This astrological sign can rely on its sixth sense to make the right decisions. He must absolutely listen to himself.

  • Introspection for Taurus

This is the right time to give yourself a real phase of introspection. Taurus has all the cards in hand to find solutions to problems that have been arising for several weeks. He can trust himself and roll up his sleeves to move forward: the stars are with him!

Zodiac signs disadvantaged by the New Moon in Cancer

On the contrary, some signs have every interest in being on their guard with this New Moon.

Beware of the lack of self-confidence… especially in the field of the career! The Moon and the Sun in confrontation could affect his morale and his self-esteem. Now is not the time to be discouraged. This sign must not be discouraged and avoid seeing everything in black.

  • Tensions in Leo

This sign of fire is likely to be overwhelmed by his emotions. Pay attention to the way he behaves and talks to those close to him. If friendship is at the heart of his concerns, he may well have arguments simply because he is impatient and talks without thinking. Calm down: it is better to wait for this New Moon to pass before embarking on major debates.

  • Capricorn suffers from loneliness

This zodiac sign has no trouble being alone. Nevertheless, he could experience a real drop in morale because of this New Moon. Doubts and lack of energy could be felt. Result: the sign of Capricorn withdraws into itself… Courage, the effects of the New Moon are felt for a short time!

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New Moon June 29, 2022: Which zodiac sign will be lucky with their finances?

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