New Moon in Leo July 28, 2022: This Sign Will Find Love

In the heart of summer, why not take advantage of some well-deserved holidays to make a fresh start? The New Moon in the sign of Leo could be a great opportunity to take stock of your life and offer yourself a moment of introspection. What matters most to you? And how to get it or keep it?

Thundering New Moon Effect and Meaning

On July 13, 2022 we were able to observe the Full Thunder Moon which must have moved many people. It must be said that the position of this star was not necessarily easy to live with for all the astrological signs. This time we are going to face the New Moon in the sign of Leo on July 28, 2022.

A New Moon corresponds to the conjunction of Sun and Moon. In other words, the stars are particularly close and “join forces” in astrology. The principle of action and introspection, of energy and intimacy, collide which can generate tensions. Some astrological signs will therefore experience this New Moon badly when, on the contrary, some will be galvanized by this energy.

In which sign is the New Moon of July 28, 2022?

The type of energy released by the Moon depends on the astrological sign in which she is. In astrology, it is believed that the position of the Moon at the time of our birth has an influence on our subconscious, our imagination, our instincts, our daily habits and the relationship with the mother.

The July 28 New Moon is in the Leo sign. It gives the taste of an extraordinary and exciting private life. We want to please, seduce and shine in society. We have to believe that the summer evenings are going to be particularly long and hot this month!

The lucky zodiac signs by the New Moon in Leo

Certain astrological signs will benefit from the positive influence of this New Moon.

  • Upheavals for Leo: This New Moon marks the beginning of a busy period for this sign. Secrets could emerge, hidden truths revealed and upheavals should shake up the Leo sign. Don’t panic: it’s for the best. This summer is also very positive for this sign.

  • Good times for Sagittarius : ideas flow and the need to feel safe is felt. This zodiac sign needs to get closer to its circle of family and friends as it takes advantage of this period to do so. Good things should come out of it.

  • Lucky for Aries : it’s time to seize the opportunities and get started. The sign of Aries feels new ideas and desires germinating in his mind. This New Moon is the right time to settle down and think concretely about how to develop them.

The zodiac signs in difficulty with the New Moon in Leo

Conversely, some astrological signs will go through a more complicated period.

  • Bad professional news for Scorpio : Small drop in morale concerning the career of the Scorpion. Unexpected upheavals could well make him give up. Do not panic: let the summer pass to take things in hand at the start of the school year!

  • The anger of Taurus : Tired of feeling stuck and blocked… the sign of Taurus wants to send everything flying! If his tantrums are rare, watch out when he sees red. Nothing can stop it. The storm is brewing and a big nervous breakdown is to be expected…

  • Capricorn’s Complicated Finances : Tension and annoyance are on the program for this astro sign. Being able to feel a certain frustration, in particular financial, Capricorn could enter a vicious circle by trying to calm down by giving themselves small gifts which could annoy their banker all the more. So pay attention to finances!

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New Moon in Leo July 28, 2022: This Sign Will Find Love

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