New moon 2022: the signs impacted by its effects in August

NEW MOON. The invisible star was placed under the sign of the Virgin last Saturday. What are the effects of the new moon phenomenon on your astrological sign and on your body?

[Mis à jour le 30 août 2022 à 14h11] The latest news moon before the Autumnal Equinox which occurred on Saturday August 27 was in the constellation of Virgo, instilling, according to astrologers, a new beginning. This phase of introspection that the invisible star offers us helps us to take stock before concretizing new projects. And that’s good, it’s back to school! The watchword is reorganization: this new moon would have breathed a “new state of mind” to “reorganize your routine” and help you “to be more functional in your daily life”, according to Marie France.

“Some natives will feel the pressing need to free themselves from an emotional relationship or perhaps to break a contract that does not suit them, finally to start a different professional return” predicted the astrologers of Astro Center. “It is therefore time to clarify situations, to reason in order to find a solution rather than to criticize, to split hairs and remain in immobility for lack of knowing what to do”, specifies the astrologer of Current Woman Joyce Duval. Which astrological signs benefited from the good influence of this new moon? Which conversely, had to pay attention to the invisible star?

If the introspection is collective, this full Moon had more or less an influence according to the sun sign of each one. Its effects have been increased tenfold for the natives of the Virgin for whom the new Moon was synonymous with success in the realization of new projects, according to the astrologers of Cosmopolitan. The lunar star jostled Virgo for the better: it is time “to make important decisions”, commented the astrologers of the Aufeminin site. As to Capricornthis new moon gave him a way to improve his daily life, and for the Bullit guaranteed “strong support for all those plans which concern new and future births, real or metaphorical”.

Conversely, Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius had to be careful with this new moon. “Beware of tantrums” for the Geminito communication in the romantic relationship for the Pisces and the lack of hindsight for the Sagittarius !

What time did the new moon on August 27, 2022 occur?

Saturday August 27 at 10 hours 17 minutes and 8 seconds precisely the new moon occurred. The schedule is established by the Institute of Celestial Mechanics and Ephemeris Calculation (IMCCE).

What are the effects of the new moon?

If scientists do not validate the theory of the effects of the moon on this or that astrological sign, it would indeed exert a magneto-gravitational influence on living things. What are the effects of the new moon on our body? In our file below, you will know all about the scientifically proven effects of the new moon, the dates and times of the next ones of the year.

What effect does the new moon have on sleep?

If the new moon marks the start of a new lunar cycle, it would also affect our sleep, scientists say. Indeed, a study carried out by researchers from the Sahlgrenska Academy of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden between January 2007 and November 2009 noted “a lengthening of REM sleep duration by 30 minutes” during the new moon phase. Conversely, during the full moon phase, the study observed “a 25-minute decrease in sleep time,” the review reports Science and Future.

What effect does the new moon have on the tides?

The new moon also influences the tides. High tides always occur during syzygy periods, when the moon and the Sun are in conjunction (new moon) or in opposition (full moon) in the same axis with the earth.

What is a New Moon?

The new moon, one of the four phases of the moon based on its positioning facing the sun, occurs when the moon is positioned between the earth and the sun. Thus, its face visible from the earth is not at all illuminated by the sun. It is then difficult to observe with the naked eye but is an interesting phase for astronomical observation, because the light of the moon interferes with the observation of the sky. The return to this same phase of the moon (synodic period which corresponds to the duration between two consecutive identical phases of the Moon) occurs approximately every 29 days and 12 hours.

What is the calendar of new moons in 2022 ?

The next new moon will be on Sunday, September 25. Here are the dates and times of the next new moons in 2022 in detail:

  • September 25 at 11:54 p.m.
  • October 25 at 12:48 p.m.
  • November 23 at 11:57 p.m.
  • December 23 at 11:16 a.m.

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New moon 2022: the signs impacted by its effects in August

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