Nabilla capricious? This characteristic of her astro chart which makes her unbearable!

Reality TV star Nabilla Vergara returns to the front of the stage with a new unreleased television series: Cosmic Love. This production by the giant Amazon mixes astrology and dating. If the young mother has just come out of the birth of her last child Leyann, this did not prevent her from returning with a television project with great potential. But what does astrology have to say about the rumors about her alleged diva attitudes on set? We tell you everything here…

Astro: Nabilla returns to reality TV with her new dating show!

Since 6 January 2023, the new show is available on the Amazon platform, with the so-called French Kim Kardashian, Nabilla Vergara, as the star presenter. The concept ? Finding love through the stars. Nabilla has also admitted to believing in astrology and its predictions and carrying this project with great conviction.

The reality TV show in question is called Cosmic Love and promises to use star discipline as a tool to create highly compatible couples. Four single contestants, representing the four elements, will be surrounded by 12 suitors called Cosmic Lovers, each representing a zodiac sign, at a villa in Malta so we can watch them try to win their hearts. Nabilla, for her part, plays the role of presenter, but also that of sentimental advisor for the four participants in search of love. “ I’m a bit of a girl’s big sister… “, she told the Parisian.

What does Nabilla’s astrological chart say about her supposed diva whims?

Like any diva, Nabilla demands nothing less from a shoot than to be treated like a queen. The influencer has a reputation for being hardworking and professionally involved when it comes to her career. The production of Cosmic Love was more than attentive to the comfort of the former French reality TV star, not to mention the astronomical amount she would have received for hosting the project. So, what is the quirk he is accused of and how can astrology explain it to us?

Nabilla Vergara would, according to the site Purepeople, wore stilettos while filming a scene in the garden of the gorgeous Villa that serves as the show’s location. On this occasion, she would have demanded a wooden plank so as not to sink into the freshly watered grass and thus damage her shoes.
If this attitude may seem picky, it is not surprising when you know how much the star is concerned about her appearance!

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Nabilla inconstant emotionally?

Nabilla’s astrological chart gives us the profile of a responsible and mature woman with a Sun in Aquarius and an Ascendant in Capricorn, especially when it comes to work! But his emotional side seems to be more fickle. On the outside, the influencer is a strong woman, but the Moon in Pisces, her more childish and unconscious side, is in a water sign that can cause insecurities. Whims and diva-like demands could arise from this energy that is not grounded in reality and its difficulties. Fortunately, his notoriety allows him to impose his demands! Lucky for her!

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Nabilla capricious? This characteristic of her astro chart which makes her unbearable!

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