Money Astrology! 5 zodiac signs who spend more than they earn.

Sticking to a budget is not easy, especially when your zodiac sign encourages you to spend lavishly your money.

Their constant mindset is: I really want this, I’ll deal with the budget later. They are acutely aware of this problem, which is why they set a budget when they go out, but always manage to exceed it one way or another.

Find out who are these signs that spend more than they earn according to your budget:

You you will probably be very surprised but it’s the truth !


Pisces always go over budget because they are too kind and generous. When someone asks them for help, they open their heart and their wallet. Now it doesn’t matter if they save this money for something important. If they find someone who needs it more, they’ll give it their all.

fish budget


Libra is generally good, but it is this moment of impulse buying that places her almost at the top of this list. These are good children most of the time, but when they find something they really like, they tend to blow their budget. They are aware of this personality trait and are often frustrated.

balance budget


You can always expect a Sagittarius to be optimistic, but when it comes to being realistic, it almost never does the trick. They are sometimes too hard on themselves, and just like everyone budgets, they do too. However, their budget and spending never go hand in hand. So, with their tight budget and unrealistic expectations of life, Sagittarians always end up overstepping their bounds.

sagittarius budget


Gemini’s split-personality moods trump everything, including their budget. They are super moody, so even if they have a budget in their head, they tend to go over it when busy. Geminis also tend to forget that they even have something called a budget. But, what to remind them about their budget rather about all the ways to be financially responsible.

gemini budget


Aries, as all other signs of this list, confuses his needs and his desires. They don’t really know if they need of a new bag or if they want. They have everything they ever wanted, so when you keep buying things you absolutely don’t need no need, you tend to go over budget month after month. It is the main reason why they are always stressed at the end of the year when they have to pay for everything they have spent.

Here are some proverbs about money to end this article:

Breton proverb of 1878: For those who don’t put pain and sweat, no money and no bread.

Proverb French of 1892: A man who is an executioner of money does not clean it well, he lavishes it without necessity.

Aries budget

Proverb French of 1855: The money comes hobbledand he galloped away.

French proverb from 1838: Whoever lends money to insolvents only loses the money and the wait.

Proverb French from 1838: Who has enough money, has enough friends and relatives.

French proverb from 1821: Parents without friends, friends without moneymoney without virtue, not everything is worth a straw.

French proverb of 1821: Who is at fault silver and gold, rest well, and surely sleep.

zodiac budget

Turkish proverb from 1956: Nothing tames a man like the lack of money.

Turkish proverb from 1838: Money borrowed leaves laughing and comes back crying.

Turkish proverb from 1838: Money does not won not the man, it’s the man who makes the money.

Turkish proverb from 1838: The man without money is a leafless tree.

Turkish proverb from 1838: The man without money is a wingless bird, a ship without sails.

budget 2022

Turkish proverb from 1838: Money is a speaking language, and a hand who kills.

Latin proverb from 1838: You must first amass moneyvirtue will come after him.

Finnish proverb from 1980: Money is a cunning charmer, it has an irresistible allure.

Vietnamese proverb of 2012: Beware of money that weighs heavier than man!

Proverb of 1823: Who puts his money in bees may scratch their ears.

French proverb of 1821: Who has money, we make him partywho has none is only a beast.

Proverb of 1965: What money does, the devil cannot.

French proverb from 1892: Money fresh and new youthful ruin.

French proverb from 1892: God is the master of the sky, and money is the master of the earth.

Arabic proverb from 1855: May God put money in your pockets, but not in your heart.

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