Mom Capricorn, how to manage your child according to his astrological sign?

People born between December 22 and January 19 are Capricorn. But what type of mom is the native of the sign? A traditional mother, if she has a velvet hand, that does not prevent her from demonstrating iron discipline. She is a very organized mother, and if she can be strict it is only to inculcate good values ​​in her children. But then how to manage your child, according to his sign, when you are a native of the Capricorn sign?

With an Aries child, you may have some work to do on the board. This little one with a go-getter and impulsive side could frighten you but you will teach him with pleasure to channel himself.

Taurus will be much easier to educate. Indeed, the native of the sign is already borrowed from traditional values. So there won’t be the slightest problem for the Capricorn mom to pass it on to her. A dream home! Thus, Kate Middleton, native of Capricorn, must enjoy the education of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, both of the sign of Taurus.

If the Capricorn mom likes to praise when it is necessary, and does not hesitate to punish as well, she will have a little more difficulty doing it with a Gemini child. This king of negotiation is going to make life hard for him. But still very funny, he risks making him forget these annoyances with his legendary humor. Vanessa Paradis, Capricorn mom, must know something with her daughter Lily-Rose Depp, a native of Gemini.

Faced with the dreamy side of the native of Cancer, the Capricorn mom could well feel perplexed. And she will then have the sole mission of putting him back on the ground. Kate Middleton therefore had to find herself in this situation with her eldest, Prince George. Michelle Obama, Capricorn mom, also had to pay the price with her eldest Malia.

When he is very small, the Leo conforms to the rules, to the delight of the Capricorn mom. But once grown up, he will take pleasure in defying his authority.

A Virgo child is not there to break the rules, quite the contrary. He will then easily submit to those of this demanding Capricorn mom. So much so, that she will end up letting go a little so that the latter is not too conformist.

A Capricorn mom will have a tough job with a Libra child. Indeed, this Air sign is sometimes too airy for her. But he will do his best not to disappoint her. Carla Bruni, Capricorn mom, did she find herself in this situation with her little Giulia Sarkozy, a native of Libra?

Be careful with the Scorpio child, because the latter may find it difficult to speak freely about his emotions with the Capricorn mother. If he will do everything to live up to expectations, the only problem could be a lack of communication.

Good luck to the Capricorn mom who will try to discipline this little devil of Sagittarius. The native of the slightly too crazy sign could well give him a hard time.

A Capricorn mom will have no trouble apprehending a Capricorn child, since she knows him like the back of his hand.

Aquarius is a bit too rebellious for the Capricorn mom. This rebel has not finished playing tricks on him.

Finally, a Pisces child has extraordinary intuition. The Capricorn mom will therefore have to trust her protective instincts but not force too much with the rules.

Note that if the astrological signs allow us to learn some useful information about each of us, they are only a tiny part of our personality, which is mainly determined by the very personal course of each one, as well as by the education and lifelong encounters. But we can sometimes have fun with some resemblances between two people of the same sign. Finally, even when the astrological signs come into play, the rest of the birth chart must also be taken into account, because your ascendant, your moon and other houses are also important.

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Mom Capricorn, how to manage your child according to his astrological sign?

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