Miss France 2023: according to astrology, the date of December 17, 2022 will be decisive for these candidates

On Saturday, December 17, 2022, the country will meet its new miss France. This spectacle has been an integral part of French life since 1920. And if each year this election gives us a candidate chosen to represent the most beautiful woman in the country, this year the stars could have an important influence on the fate of this result. We have studied the sky to provide you here with a clue on the profiles of the candidates who could benefit from the help of the cosmos!

Astro: what astrological aspect will be decisive for the election of Miss France 2023?

The sky is not always impartial, and its planetary movements can sometimes be decisive for some people. So much so that the candidates of this competition should take into account when writing their speech what is happening on the side of the stars, because this year the wind of change is blowing on the world and the competition is changing.

Uranus: the planet of revolutions and change is involved in the Miss France contest!

This Saturday, December 17 is looking very good for anything involving paradigm shifts. Uranus, the star of transformation and radical changes, will be in the sign of Taurus, forming a super astrological aspect with Mercury, the planet of communication. To understand its energy, one must know that it promotes paradigm shifts and the evolution of ideas. But how can this affect the participants of Miss France 2023 ?

Horoscope: which are the Misses who most correspond to the spirit of the times and could win the victory according to astrology?

Two participants of the beauty pageant have the distinction of having entered the competition thanks to the relaxation of the admission rules. This is important, because this competition has long been criticized for its selectivity with criteria deemed too strict for the image of women. Do you want to know them?

Agathe Cauet, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais

This 25-year-old woman is a candidate to be feared. Not only does she have an extraordinary beauty, but she also defends a cause that is close to her heart.
Agathe Cauet suffered from an ovarian tumor at the age of 17. Thanks to an operation, her ovary was removed and she can now participate in this competition. The beautiful woman has decided to immortalize this area with a tattoo as a symbol of resilience, she is clearly one hundred percent committed to the fight against this terrible disease. Traditionally, Miss France’s rules do not allow tattooed women to participate in the competition, but this year this rule was ignored and allowed the young woman to compete.

Sarah Aoutar, Miss Lorraine

The participation of this brunette beauty in the competition for the most beautiful woman in France would have been impossible before. It was thanks to the removal of the age rule that she was able to be part of this adventure. At 26, without a change in the rules, she would have been out of the category, but today the whole country can appreciate her beauty and her experience. Sarah Aoutar considers her maturity and the path she has traveled so far thanks to her age as a real quality when it comes to running for the race.

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The rules of competition evolve with society

Although Miss France is a competition widely criticized for the rigidity of its admission rules and its view of women considered by some to be sexist, its admission criteria are slowly changing. The planets will probably favor the Miss who manages to stand out with a speech that modernizes the image of this prestigious award. With the help of Mercury and Uranus, the change will reach all corners of the earth, and it may even affect such a conservative pageant as Miss France. To find out the verdict, you have an appointment on Saturday December 17 at 9:05 p.m. on TF1.

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Miss France 2023: according to astrology, the date of December 17, 2022 will be decisive for these candidates

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