Mercury retrograde: why is this period reputed to be chaotic?

Every time Mercury retrogrades, that’s the event. We immediately talk about small chaos and surprises that will upset our daily lives. But what does this astrological phenomenon that has everyone in awe mean in concrete terms? Miss Lilyastrologer, tarologist and author of“Astro-crystals” comes to light our lantern.

Mercury retrograde, what does it mean?

The third and final phase of Mercury in retrograde in 2022 runs from September 9 to October 2. During this period, we often draw a somewhat catastrophic portrait of our daily life for three weeks. In reality, Mercury in retrograde is an astrological phenomenon that takes place every 88 days, more or less three times a year, sometimes four. “In astrology, when we say that a retrograde planet is that it changes the direction of its course”, explains Lili. “It slows down, stops, then seems to reverse. “Seems”, because this event is actually explained by an optical effect. It’s like sitting on the train and seeing the train next to it start , you feel like you’re going backwards”.

The astrologer reminds that all the planets retrograde. “If Mercury retrogrades three times a year for three weeks, Saturn and Uranus retrograde every year for six to seven months, for example,” she explains. So this phenomenon of retrogradation affects all the planets, but we just talk about it less. If Mercury is now part of our daily lexicon, it is because it often retrogrades during small events and the growing interest of Generation Z in astrology, especially on TikTok, has led to it being knows better. If it is so famous, it is also because it is given rather chaotic psychological consequences. Right or wrong ?

What consequences for us?

“Mercury is the planet that represents communication, exchanges, intellect, spirit, trade, travel, planes, conversations, technology”, quotes Lili. “Like Mercury retrograde, one can imagine that it’s going to wreak havoc on all those little areas of life.” You risk sending your email too quickly, or waiting for an answer that will never arrive, your packages may get lost, conversations may be more confused, your plane is late and your GPS may make you take the wrong path. We can also suffer some small inconveniences of a technological nature. We also advise against buying high-tech objects during this period. “So you can be subject to little worries. It’s never dramatic, but it can be annoying”.

However, for the astrologer, it is not necessary to see only negative in the retrogradation of Mercury. From a psychological point of view, this period can also be a godsend. “In ‘demotion’, there is the prefix ‘re'”. Review, reinvent, rethink,… whether it’s professional projects, conversations, relationships. It’s time to gather and reflect on all this, to review and rethink our ways of doing things. Psychologically, it’s an interesting time to rest your mind, give yourself a break from the frantic rush of life, and observe the events around you in a more detached way. Basically, it’s a little too easy to sum up Mercury’s retrograde as a phenomenon to which we can blame all the little misfortunes of everyday life.

What are the most affected signs?

The signs particularly affected by Mercury in retrograde will be above all the signs that have the planet Mercury as their patron, that is to say Gemini and Virgo. But also the signs in tension with these two signs, the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. “They will be the most affected,” explains the specialist. “But, overall, Mercury affects everyone about equally.”


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Mercury retrograde: why is this period reputed to be chaotic?

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