Mercury retrograde: these 3 zodiac signs should REALLY avoid the sales

With the arrival of winter sales This Wednesday, January 11, 2023, many of us are preparing to shop around to buy everything we need at the best possible price. It’s normal, and even useful… But there are three astrological signs that must avoid spending their silver in this period, because the planets set traps for them in this area!

Astro: how do the stars tell us to be careful with our money?

When it comes to money, several astrological clues let us know what a person’s financial fortune will be. Mercury, the planet that governs communication and commerce can lay traps for us when it comes to spending our money when it is in retrograde motion, as at this precise moment, for example. It will remain in this apparent backward movement until January 18, 2023. But we can also look at what is happening on the astrological axis of the 2nd and 8th houses to find out what will happen to an individual with his money according to the stars. These two astral zones of the birth chart indicate the material possessions and legacies in a person’s life as well as their overall financial situation. If a planet transits negatively in either of these houses, its fortunes can be disrupted! Ouch!

Horoscope: which astrological signs should refrain from shopping on this first day of sales?

Three astrological signs should be measured with the expenses of this first day of sales. Unfortunately, the astrological movements harmful to your wallet start at the same time as the winter liquidations! Do you want to know if yours is one of them?


Retrograde Mercury will be in your money zodiac zone until January 18 2023. This can bring you bad luck in concluding a contract or cause you to lose an unexpected amount of money. Try not to spend your financial resources before this date, in order to limit the risks as much as possible! Watch this blue card!


The Moon in your house of gain indicates that you might be lucky if you are trying to make money. With an aspect as intense as the earth trine happening tomorrow, you could be overconfident and end up buying things you don’t need. It is better to try to play a game of chance and win money than to spend it! Wait a few more days before you can treat yourself in the shops!


Mercury retrograde in Capricorn in your astrological money zone and could cause you to spend your savings on things you don’t need. If you feel the urge to shop on the first day of the sales, be really careful about what you buy, and especially who you buy it from! You are not safe from a scam and you can fall into a trap. Be sure to spend your money wisely!

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We still have good news for you!

If your sign is one of the three signs that will not benefit tomorrow from the support of the planets for shopping, do not panic! The dates of the sales are fixed so that everyone can take advantage of them. In most metropolitan districts, the sales start date is Wednesday, January 11. These will last until Tuesday, February 7 inclusive. You have plenty of time to enjoy it!

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Mercury retrograde: these 3 zodiac signs should REALLY avoid the sales

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