“Mercury retrograde”: the chaotic astrological phenomenon arrives on January 14

After the daily horoscope you read online or at the end of your favorite magazine or newspaper, “Mercury retrograde” is probably the most well-known astrological data. No more battery ? “Mercury retrograde”. Subway broken down? “Mercury retrograde”. Nothing is going well in your life? “Normal, Mercury retrograde…” This is the refrain that we find more and more on social networks and in the conversations of astrology lovers.

The expression “Mercury retrograde” (or “Mercury retrograde” in English) comes from an astronomical optical illusion that has been interpreted by astrologers as a difficult period for almost all of the zodiac. An ancient phenomenon that has become cult thanks to the Internet which has made this phenomenon the scapegoat for all the problems of your daily life (with often a good dose of second degree).

When, from Earth, we observe the small planet closest to the sun, it may be that Mercury gives the impression of receding. It is this planetary reverse that is called “retrograde Mercury”. This astral configuration can recur several times a year. In 2021, Mercury did its thing between January 30 and February 20, between May 30 and June 22, and ebetween September 27 and October 17. For this new year 2022, there will be not three but four periods of turbulence. It will be necessary to pay attention to January 14 to February 4then from May 10 to June 3, then from September 10 to October 2 and finally from December 29 to January 18.

What awaits the world during these times? First of all, you should know that Mercury retrogrades in certain signs, varying – still according to astrologers – the effects of this infernal period. For our current period Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn and Aquarius.

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For astrologers, these two signs were particularly influential during our great global crisis of 2020. This retrograde at the start of the year 2022 could therefore give us an aftertaste of 2020… Do you remember the confinements and this feeling of collective powerlessness in the face of the pandemic? Well, she’ll be back… just for a while. In February, March and especially April, the sky should clear up considerably.

The consequences for your sign

Ram : You are really going to take a close look at the state of your relationships. You will undoubtedly over-analyze the behavior of your loved ones, friends, family… See how they interact with each other and with you… with you. Maybe it will be time to observe and make some decisions in a few weeks. A little housekeeping, including in relationships, can’t hurt.

Bull : Let’s talk business. You will certainly take a keener eye than usual on your career. Your network will return to the center of your occupations. Old colleagues, new opportunities… You should take advantage of this period to see your hard work and finally claim what is due to you.

Gemini: Yes the world is calling you and you are more than fed up with this situation. Your adventurous spirit wants this year 2022 to be the year of renewal, of hope… But you should not bet on this retrograde to get started in practice. Use these few weeks to anticipate things, prepare your new missions, projects, trips… A little contemplation won’t hurt you.

Cancer : We’re not going to hide it from you. This period is going to be really complicated for you Cancerians. Emotions (yours and those of others) often overwhelm you and this period is not going to make things any better. Your vulnerability can however become a strength if you are able to analyze it and learn from it.

Lion : Mercury is going to ask you to focus on your close relationships, including those you thought were far behind you. However, it is not necessarily wise to throw yourself into long conversations with your exes if they resurface. Take a step back, analyze the situation and ask yourself if this is what you really need.

Virgin : It’s high time to clean up your everyday organization. Virgos are always aces of planning and rigor so you should like it. Review your morning and evening routine, the organization of your work, your family and domestic life, your hobbies… Try to see what is wrong, what needs to be improved to achieve your goals. This period will be ideal for reviewing and correcting rather than embarking on something totally new.

Balance : This January retrograde will focus on your 5th House which rules your passions. It will therefore be high time to reassess the place you give to your creative passions… but also your love passions. Take the time, don’t act, and prepare to restart on a healthier basis when the temperatures rise.

Scorpio : Complicated conversations will certainly enamel this delicate period. Pay close attention to the words that come out of your mouth and don’t jump to conclusions. The members of your household will be at the heart of this little period of turbulence. Bet on calm and peaceful communication (it’s not your style, but you’ll have to put your mind to it).

Sagittarius: You are going to know the great classic of Mercury retrograde for this period: communication problems. Be clear and direct to limit interpretation problems as much as possible. If you feel like you’re being misunderstood and being bullied, ask the people you’re talking to to clarify their thoughts. You too could misinterpret what they told you…

Capricorn: You manage your finances very well in general and try to be careful as much as possible, which gives you a certain level of control and security in your daily life. But beware, is this security necessary? Aren’t you missing out on some pleasures to satisfy this need for security? Calmly reevaluate your priorities to find the right balance.

Aquarius: This retrograde hits your sign, dear Aquarius, head-on. You will therefore have to hold on a little more than the other signs of the zodiac. You’re going to feel like the stars are after you personally. To weather the storm, step away from the battlefield, take the time to meditate and reflect, and put off major actions or decisions until tomorrow. Taking the time to observe yourself and pick up a bit of wisdom can’t hurt you.

Fish : You who love to daydream and get lost in your thoughts are going to be (pardon us for the pun) like a fish in water. You may be overwhelmed by very strong emotions during this period, but be careful not to get overwhelmed and forget other lighter and positive aspects of your life. Take some distance and this new perspective should calm you down.

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“Mercury retrograde”: the chaotic astrological phenomenon arrives on January 14

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