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Published on November 29, 2022 at 6:18 p.m.

For once, she’s not backsliding…Again. Mercury, planet of communication, passes through Capricorn. Here’s what awaits your astrological sign.

After a month of rolling around with the very friendly and relaxed SagittariusMercury continues its turn of the zodiac passing through the box Capricorn. Truths that hurt, a very Cartesian mind and ambition at the top: here is what awaits you and your astrological sign or even your ascendant.

Mercury in Capricorn reframes us

For those who have not done “astrology LV2”, here is a little remedial course. In astrology, the signs have a meaning, but so do the planets. When a star is in a particular constellation: their themes merge. Mercury, messenger of the gods and commerce, is the planet of communication and our intellect. Capricorn is a laid-back earth sign, which does not drip excessively and needs discipline.

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Yes, Mercury in Capricorn is the backlash after the Sagittarius rout. As a sign of the cosmic centaur, Mercury is funny, ultra-curious, and…yes, a bit excessive. Discrepancies in language, small arrangements with reality or even big blunders are on the agenda. Capricorn, as a pragmatic and reasonable Earth sign, does not hear it that way. When it transits on the side of the astral goat, Mercury is demanding and disciplined. Rational, not a word too much disturbs its communication objectives 0% guaranteed without loss of time. Because for Capricorn, time is money! You express yourself calmly and present your ideas in a well-organized way to maximize your efficiency and stick to the issue. Be careful, however, not to let Mercury in Capricorn give dry or cold words. Rounding off the angles is sometimes in good taste!

What impact on my astrological sign?

The signs that will love Mercury in Capricorn

Since the astrological interpretation of the planets is subtle, not all astrological signs are impacted in the same way by this or that transit. Obviously, the sign to be the most impacted is Capricorn. The ambitious of the zodiac will have the sharp mind, the right repartee and the calmness of mind it takes to overcome their to-do list. Secondly, the Gemini and Virgo will also be impacted since they are both related to Mercury. Virgos will benefit from the confidence to lay out their ideas and be extra inventive when it comes to finding solutions. While Gemini, they will take advantage of the discipline of Mercury in Capricorn to organize their thousand thoughts per second. As a good Earth sign, Taurus will also be favored by this transit, which will allow them to be as quiet and down-to-earth as they want. On the side of Scorpio and Pisceswe will put aside our (strong) emotions a little to keep our feet on the ground, and that’s not a bad thing.

The signs challenged by Mercury in Capricorn

After frolicking in its constellation, Mercury gives Sagittarius a hard time. Overall, the stars are telling him to calm down, and if the zodiac centaur disagrees, it would be good for everyone. Aries and Lion accuse the blow, those who only express themselves in capital letters with an avalanche of emojis and will have to learn to weigh their words. For the greater good. Aquarius will have to find a way not to fall into list communication and avoid considering their neighbors as robots. On the Libra side, we much prefer more flexibility of mind, but we will adapt at all costs to this little cosmic reframing. Cancers may have trouble swallowing the pill. Our Cancerians are not fans of this rigid and rigorous atmosphere, where each word and each mental space is carefully weighed. This will be an opportunity to strike a balance between their wildly imaginative spirit and Mercury in Capricorn’s need for productivity.

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Mercury is in Capricorn on December 7, 2022: what impact on your astrological sign? – She

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