Mercury in Capricorn: these 3 signs will finally say what’s on their minds

Today, one of the planets that most impacts our human consciousness, Mercurywill change astrological constellation, passing from fiery Sagittarius to a more stable and serious sign: Capricorn. This sign does not get distracted by nonsense and is ready to succeed. Find out here which signs will be most affected by this celestial change.

This earth sign is one of the most serious signs of the zodiac. Its element anchors it in reality and makes it realistic and Cartesian. This usually takes him very far in the professional sphere, as his ambition matches his leadership abilities. You can imagine that if these qualities permeate the planet of intellect and communication from today, the intellectual energy of the moment will lend itself to seriousness and goal building.

But this astrological sign is also frank and direct. He does not mince his words. Although he can sometimes be hurtful, he always chooses to say things in a direct and open way. We must not forget that we are currently still in the season of Sagittarius. The latter, idealistic allowed us during his period of regency to inspire us to set goals that make our hearts vibrate.

Horoscope: which astrological signs will feel the change of Mercury?

Three zodiac signs will be able to use this aspect actively and effectively. Mercury in Capricorn will allow them to plan for the upcoming season. Do you want to know which ones?


Although Mercury in your sign has been an energizing position for your intellect, which is hungry for information and wisdom, thanks to this new position, you will be able to stabilize your ideas. Everything you’ve learned so far will come in handy if you can organize yourself and get your thoughts in order.


Mercury entering your sign today is a great intellectual boost for you. Your beliefs will be clarified, and you will be encouraged to speak your mind clearly. If you’ve been unsure how to approach an important topic lately, now is a great time to find the right angle. Despite this, do not forget to try to apply a little diplomacy, because your words will have a lot of force.


Mercury is connected to your ruler, Neptune, and to Jupiter during this change of season. The planet of communication runs through your astrological house of career, therefore you will need to be very clear and consistent in this area. The success of your future career plans will depend on your vision and strategy. Don’t waste time, and start planning for your future today.

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It’s a wonderful time for ideas, but not the best time to bring them to fruition, as many planets are still in the sign of Centaur. This is why Mercury’s entry into Capricorn is ideal for laying the cards on the table. Be clear from the start, to ensure that there are no gray areas in your future actions. Planning is the key to success with this celestial positioning, as well as communicating effectively and clearly.

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Mercury in Capricorn: these 3 signs will finally say what’s on their minds

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