Me better: I coach myself with astrology

It’s the trend #personaldev that unleashes the crowds on Insta: theastrology fascinates as much as she fascinates (than the one who has not watched her horoscope quietly throws the first stone at us). Far from clichés, this ancestral art is a powerful tool for self-knowledge… when you master the basics! Instructions for use withastrologer and journalist Sophie Hérolt-Petitpasauthor of the guide for neophytes Astrocoach: Get to know yourself better thanks to your birth chart.

the horoscopethis is THE base when you dive into the cauldron of stars. “I call it the cosmic selfie: it’s the exact position of the planets the day of birth. It’s a kind of GPS which sums up our talentour temperour relationship to the world.” To get it, go to the site Astrotheme. We fill in the date, time and place of birth and hop, his theme appears as if by magic. Too good: we can even see with which personalities we have cosmic affinities (personal: Vladimir Poutine and Jose Bove #karma).

Observe the circle: it is cut into twelve equal parts. Those are the twelve signs of the zodiac. Your sign is the one where the Sun. For example, if you were born on June 30, the sun was in the constellation of Cancer. So your sign is Cancer. So far, so good. “The sun sign is the visible part of our personality, the way we present ourselves to the world.”. To qualify with another piece of information:ascending. “It’s our dark side, our intimate facet”. On the map, it corresponds to the place where the sun rose on the day of your birth. “When the two match, it rolls. For example, the Lion and the Ram, two fire signs. But when they are very different – Capricorn ascending Lion for example – it’s touchy. Capricorn is modest, reserved, distant. Leo, on the other hand, needs light and recognition.”

houses and planets

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Be careful, it gets tough. Above the zodiac wheel there is another circle with numbers numbered from 1 to 12. “These are the houses. They correspond to the different sectors of life: the 2nd house is the talents, the gifts, the 3rd the communication, the 7 the couple, the 10 the career…” Hang in there, it’s not over. Do you see the symbols that gravitate all around? They represent the planets. “In astrologythey embody the different facets of our psyche: Venus love, March courage, Mercury Communication, Jupiter ambition…” The goal of the game: to interpret this information in relation to each other. Easy to say ? With practice, we get the mechanics!

Are you looking for professional information?

Look in which sign your house 10. “It reveals our role in the world, our professional profile.” Then, we seek the energy of the associated sign. “For example, the Ram is a go-getter, very active, determined: if you have an Aries in the 10th house, you will have an entrepreneurial spirit. In Cancer, the energy is more timid and sensitive. In professional life, we seek security, we like to work with the family”. Another track: Jupiterplanet of leadership. “If you have a Gemini, a very sociable sign, you like to surround yourself with lots of projects. In Capricorn ? You are not emotional but very honest and reliable”. And the boss of bosses? “Jupiter in Aries: typical of competitors who love challenges.”

To know who you’ll catch

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A crush targeted ? Check on the planet side March which embodies the ideal of love then, again, analyze the energy of the associated sign. “March in Scorpio : you are seduced by dark and inaccessible profiles. March in Lion : you fall for men with charisma, a social position.”

Understanding planetary transits

Spoiler alert: after we are born, the planets continue to move across the sky, each with its own rhythm. Thereby, March takes two years to go around the Sun and Jupiter twelve. “The further apart the planets, the longer the cycle and the longer they remain in a sign. We will then look at how these transits interact with our horoscope. Have we lost you? Normal, you have to be a pro of the stars to decrypt this data. That’s good, Sophie Hérolt-Petitpas reveals its ideas for the coming year.

Exclusive: forecasts for 2023

Want to know what 2023 has in store for you? Read the following carefully. “The first part of the year, with Jupiter in Ram, marks a new, more dynamic cycle. This will be the time to take action, to close deals, to materialize projects. But be careful: at springthe energy changes with Saturn which switches to Piscesexpect more uncertainty and confusion. Caution for Ram, Balance, Cancer and Capricorn who will be very challenged. It will be cool for Pisces who swim in familiar territory but more complicated for the fire signs who like to have a direction and for the air signs who are uncomfortable with the irrational. With their pragmatic side, the earth signs rather get by good.”

And Mercury retrograde in all this?

It is the pet peeve of astro addicts who attribute the worst scourges to it. The Facebook bug? Mercury retrograde. The clash with your boss? Mercury retrograde. Water damage in the bathroom? Mercury retrograde again! #best excuse. But concretely, what does this correspond to? “This is a phenomenon that occurs three times a year. Mercury is the planet of communication. It is said to be retrograde but in reality it is simply moving slower than the Earth, it is an optical illusion.” The council ofastrocoach : “Be careful with technology: you save your data, you pay attention to what you post, if you have an important contract to sign: you postpone. The ideal: e-con-nec-ter.”

Astrocoach: Getting to know yourself better with astrology

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Me better: I coach myself with astrology

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