Mayan horoscope: what is your Mayan sign and your totem animal?

Everyone knows the 12 signs of the zodiac. These pillars of Western astrology need no introduction. But did you know that there are plenty of other astrologies in the world? Mayan astrology is one of the oldest. This astrology dates from pre-Columbian times. This civilization, which no longer exists today, remains alive through its stories and its art.

Mayan astrology: which totem animal according to the date of birth?

The Mayan calendar is based on the lunar cyclesunlike our astrology which was based on the rotation cycle of the Sun. This is why it is divided into 13 signs and not into 12 like our horoscope western. Each sign is under the protection of a sacred animal which protects its natives and gives it common personality traits.

To know your Mayan astrological sign, all you have to do is know your date of birth and look at which totem animal it corresponds to according to this ancient culture.

Mayan calendar: some comments

The Mayan calendar is a very old calendar, which was used by the Mayas, a civilization that lived between 2000 and 1500 BCE in Central and South America, in what is now Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and the northern part of Honduras. This calendar was made up of different cycles, the longest of which was the 52-year cycle.

The Mayan calendar is a system of counting time that was used by the Mayans of Central America. It is composed of three elements: the Tzolk’in, the Haab’ and the Long Count.

Horoscope: what is your Mayan astrological sign and its characteristics?

Monkey (from January 10 to February 6)

Natives born under the sign of the Monkey are often optimistic and friendly. They are also endowed with a great creativity and joie de vivre.

Falcon (February 7 to March 6)

People born under the sign of the falcon have great intelligence. Their character is dominant and persuasive. Their personality is determined and they often go to the end of things.

Jaguar (March 7 to April 3)

Jaguar natives are independent, loyal and affectionate people. They are considered the most passionate in love according to Mayan astrology. Their friendship is often sought by other signs thanks to their great sense of sharing and listening.

Dog (April 4 to May 1)

He is sometimes identified as the fox. In this sign, the gift of service is a very well developed virtue. This sign seeks balanced relationships and has a penchant for justice and equality of opportunity between individuals. It is the least conflicting sign of the Mayan zodiac.

Snake (May 2-29)

This is the most seductive sign of all. Their elegance and presence leave no one indifferent. Their rich internal world makes this sign people who greatly appreciate moments of solitude and reflection.

Squirrel (from May 30 to June 26)

This is a hardworking and serious sign, with a great sense of humor. In love, they give themselves completely to their other half, and they are often in search of true love. This sign knows how to administer its wealth and is good at business.

Turtle (from June 27 to July 25)

Those born under the sign of the turtle are quiet and homebody. They would rather be at home or with their family than go out to party. This sign represents home and protection.

Bat (from July 26 to August 22)

The natives of this sign are born leaders. They have a gift for organizing people around them and leading them. They are very intelligent and determined, but also very competitive.

Scorpio (August 23 to September 19)

The natives of the sign of Scorpio are people with enormous energy who always have an answer to everything. He is considered one of the most responsible signs of the Mayan zodiac and they always try to help others.

Deer (from September 20 to October 17)

This Mayan sign is the most sensitive and sentimental. They can be naïve in love, as they seek a relationship that will last forever. These are the blue flowers of the Mayan zodiac.

Owl (from October 18 to November 14)

Sociable and sympathetic individuals who are always well disposed to small talk. Their wisdom is one of the great qualities of this sign.

Peacock (from November 15 to December 12)

This sign loves to be the center of attention and the soul of parties. They crave recognition. These are people with enormous artistic potential.

Lizard (from December 13 to January 9)

They are positive and sincere people. Their need for order and organization also makes them somewhat manic. They like to go unnoticed and they need solitude.

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Mayan horoscope: what is your Mayan sign and your totem animal?

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