May 2022 promises to be intense for these 3 astrological signs

Each month, the sky has surprises in store for us, sometimes joyful, sometimes electrifying. This new chapter will be particularly intense for Aries, Taurus and Gemini, who will manage to pull out of the game. Make way for the month of May!

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The month of May will be particularly intense, especially because of the two astrological signs that govern the month. The season of Taurus, associated with tenacity and courage, will be followed by that of Gemini, associated with celebration and communication.

If the month of May is so intense, it is mainly due to the movement of three planets, namely Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. In addition, the season of eclipses will thwart the plans of some. On May 16, expect the unexpected!


Even if the Aries season ended a few days ago, the natives of this sign have not said their last word. From the beginning of May, two planets will pass into the sign of Aries, namely Venus and Jupiter.

When Venus – the planet of love – enters Aries, it favors the main interested party, but also all the signs of the zodiac. This will make it easier to be open and honest about a relationship. We will have to take advantage of this brief period to open the conversations, the real ones. Indeed, from May 10, the cards will become confused, with the presence of Mercury in retrograde, it will be more difficult to be understood by the loved one.

Jupiter, meanwhile, enters the sign of Aries for the next six months. The powers of this planet, associated with abundance and prosperity, will be increased tenfold thanks to the ardor and intensity of Aries. This will be a key period, especially for Aries, to undertake major projects.

The bull

The first eclipse of the month will be in the sign of Taurus, which could cause upheaval in his love life. All this commotion in the sky will soon shake Taurus, a sign that needs calm and stability to be at its best. Fortunately, the Sun shines in its sign until May 20. He will be able to take advantage of this energy to recharge his batteries. It is by drawing on his inner strengths that he will manage to overcome (better than anyone!) the intensity of May.

It is during this season that all the signs of the zodiac, but particularly the sign of Taurus, build their dream. The first stone of a project must be laid in May!


The planet Mercury, that of communications and logistics, will enter in retrograde in its favorite sign, that of Gemini, which could intensify its contribution. From May 10 to June 3, conversations could be chaotic. You might not understand the other or even yourself.

As the Sun enters Gemini a few days after this retrograde, the natives of this sign will be able to bet on other aspects to forget this troubled period. They will be invited to socialize, to discover and… to party!

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May 2022 promises to be intense for these 3 astrological signs

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