Love compatibility: which sign will conquer the Scorpio man? – Here is

Some astrological signs are made to agree while others tear each other apart. Quickly discover your romantic potential with a Scorpio man with a very hot reputation.

Scorpio is a sign that is often abused and is said to have a very (too) strong character. But behind this shell hides a sensitive heart and a passionate lover. The natives of Scorpio have a personality strongly influenced by the planet Mars. Sublimated by Hades, god of the Underworld, this sign is one of the strongest of the zodiac. However, Scorpio remains a water sign, destined for a great summer.. An ambivalence that sometimes makes it difficult to identify between his great charisma and his true sensitivity. Wondering if you’ll be able to tame a Scorpio? Let’s find out !

Understand the personality of the Scorpio man

Scorpio is a man who takes full advantage of his life. At work, or as a couple, he is not the type to do things by halves. Very perfectionist, he has a little “always perfect” side that can seduce. Despite his strength of character, he tends to doubt and needs to be reassured. This is why Scorpio is a water sign. The brain occupies a very important place in its functioning. Under his shell, the Scorpio man is indeed very sensitive. In love, he seeks serious relationships and dreams of living a beautiful story. Although he likes to give the image of a very independent man, once he manages to open up to others (with time, sometimes a lot of time), he reveals a much more gentle and romantic personality. Attention, softness and sensitivity do not rhyme with boredom in bed! On the contrary, with Scorpio, you are sure never to look at the ceiling…

Which signs are most compatible with the Scorpio man?

In love, the Scorpio man is frank, loyal and passionate. He is therefore not afraid of long-term commitment and is therefore looking for a partner who shares his vision of the couple. If you’re not ready to commit as much as him, better move on. Be careful, the Scorpio man does not get attached quickly, he needs time to test his partner and find out if she deserves his trust and his love. Ladies, you’re going to have to hang in there!

Men of this sign are naturally attracted to emotionally stable women who will help them deal with their anxieties. If you are too sensitive, however, you will have more difficulty living with a Scorpio who does not know half measures… You have been warned! The signs most compatible with Scorpio are therefore Cancer, Taurus and Pisces. The Cancer woman knows how to seduce the Scorpio thanks to her tender charm who will calm him down. Pisces is also very compatible with Scorpio. These two Water signs understand each other and come together from an emotional point of view. As for the Taurus woman, she shares the same vision of commitment as the Scorpio. With Aries, Scorpio can also form a very powerful couple because the two signs share great ambition and a certain taste for hot sex.

Be careful all the same with Aries, the confrontations could be quite tough. On the other hand, the sign of Gemini will be too emotionally distant for the Scorpio who wants romance. And Capricorn is far too stubborn and brutal, which may cause sparks. Now it’s up to you to work the magic to catch the Scorpion in your nets!

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Love compatibility: which sign will conquer the Scorpio man? – Here is

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