Louane “largely dominant” on Florian Rossi: the risks incurred by their couple according to astrology

Between Louane and Florian Rossi, if things took a long time to settle down – their situation at the time not being conducive to a story as entrusted by the singer -, now their feelings are no longer to be proven. If Louane walked the red carpet of the NRJ Music Awards alone, before sharing an electric duet with Yungblud on the stage, this year, it was because her companion was thousands of miles away from her. But the one who was able to support Renaud, very weakened, during this ceremony, and who turns 26 on November 26, quickly found the father of his daughter Esmée, in New York. The singer shared beautiful images of their romantic getaway on Instagram.

Amore Mio“, commented Louane on one of the photos of Florian Rossi, with which she went through ups and downs as revealed by the interpreter of Give me your heart. “I’m not the easiest to live with, that’s obvious. Then I’m very nice. But, because of my lack of control over my emotions, which I work on, it’s true that my boyfriend has the strength to be with me!“, she explained at the microphone of the show It feels good (Europe 1) against Anne Roumanoff in May 2021. About their confusion, she admitted that one of them had inspired the title Your skin from the album Joy of Living.When I wrote it, it was really an apology song for my manshe let it be known. We had a fight and I really lived this day that I tell in the song, where I woke up and where he was gone. He wasn’t happy and he pissed me off all day.

But what do the astrological signs of the couple formed by Louane and Florian Rossi say? Sagittarius woman and Cancer man have very little in common at first sight, according to the stars. So obviously nothing is decided in advance and this is what seems to have happened between the singer and her musician, she who admitted having had a one-way crush on the latter. These two nevertheless find themselves on some common tastes, in particular that of adventure and travel. And Louane and Florian Rossi have never refused a little trip to the four corners of the world, like in Los Angeles for the Coachella Festival or even more recently in New York. They also place a lot of importance on the value of family. And together, the couple quickly founded one by giving birth to their daughter Esme.

What risks do they incur according to their astrological signs?

But what are the risks? Mutual disappointment can exist between the Sagittarius woman and the Cancer man. Because it will often have the impression of protecting a fragile creature, which ultimately is absolutely not. As for the Cancer man, while he thinks of living a life full of the unexpected with his so adventurous companion, he will realize that this one is also very homebody. Their union could then be made precarious. The Sagittarius woman is “authoritative and strong“, while the Cancer man is rather “shy, reserved and sometimes even passive“, reports the astrologer of SHE. The couple will therefore be largely dominated by the woman, who will take charge of all the destinies of this duo. But the man will not necessarily allow himself to be led behind his passive aspect. And the Sagittarius woman might find out the hard way. Finally, Cancer is a possessive and jealous sign that could have a hard time with the independence of its partner. But over the years, Louane and Florian Rossi seem to have overcome many trials and disputes. And love is apparently stronger than the failings of their signs.

Finally, remember that nothing is so determined. Everything does not only depend on the stars, but also on the very personal course of each one. Finally, even when the astrological signs come into play, the rest of the birth chart must also be taken into account, the ascendant, the moon and the other houses being also important.

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Louane “largely dominant” on Florian Rossi: the risks incurred by their couple according to astrology

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