Leo’s horoscope for November 2022

What do the stars have in store for Leo in November 2022? General climate, daily life, or even love life… Christine Haas gives you her forecasts for people born between March 21 and April 21.
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General climate

As far as you are concerned, the Scorpio period is never a time of great progress. One might even think that you are regressing, insofar as you look back more than usual on the past; or it is the past that manifests itself to you in its own way and according to what you have experienced or your age. In addition, certain dissonances are bound to have an influence, especially for the second and third decans. For the second, especially for those born around August 11, the dissonance between Saturn and Uranus is undone this month, but still there are still some restrictions that you find difficult to bear (week of November 7). For the third decan, on the other hand, there is a good aspect of Mars that concerns your projects, but apparently they have to wait.

Everyday life

If your projects have to wait, it is because Mars, which occupies the sector that concerns them, is retrograde and still in dissonance with Neptune until November 26th. Your projects, your hopes, your expectations have been under the influence of Mars since August 20, but the planet has been retrograde since the end of October. It therefore seems that you have to endure a delay, it is imposed on you by circumstances, circumstances beyond your control. This is a situation over which you have no control. Moreover, second and third decan, the period from November 1 to 16 will see Mercury also cross Scorpio, so you will have to make efforts not to be too pessimistic about the situation in general, as well as about yours. After November 16, Mercury will occupy Sagittarius and optimism will return.

Love life

When the Sun entered Scorpio on October 23, it was accompanied by Venus. And this continues for part of the month of November. So it seems that you miss someone, either because you broke up or because that person is no longer there… You feel nostalgia, regrets for some, because you have the impression that the feelings are still there and you can’t help it, you’re attached! That said, the family will be important, because it is one of its members who may have disappeared. For some of you, it is a reappearance that will create a strong emotion in you. If you’re single, you may reunite with someone you once knew and broke up with. You will wonder if you can resume the relationship. But 2nd decan, think carefully!

As an aside

The new Moon will take place on November 23, in the 1st decan of Sagittarius and in harmony with the ruler of the sign, Jupiter. This is a very good situation that will benefit everyone, but especially your 1st decan. You will feel respected, sometimes put on a pedestal and you will have many opportunities to be proud of yourself and your results or your creations. You will yearn to see beauty or to be its creator. Luxury items, brands will also attract you. And as Venus will be well placed, your loves will also be quivering.

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Leo’s horoscope for November 2022

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