Lady Diana: 25 years after her death, her astrologer reveals these two “prophetic” dreams

The Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer, continues to arouse passions all over the world even today. Twenty-five years after his tragic death in a car crashwe still remember her with love and affection.

Astro: Lady Di had her own astrologer!

Not only did Diana use the services of a professional astrologer, but they also maintained a relationship of trust for several years. Her name is Penny Thornton and began her consultations with the Princess of Hearts in 1986, according to the Today magazine.

The first meeting between the two women took place at Kensington Palace, after Diana hinted to Penny Thornton that she had problems in her life. Nevertheless, Penny Thornton followed the astrological chart of Diana and its compatibility with that of the Prince Charles from England for years.

According to the astrologer, she knew from the beginning of their engagement and their relationship was doomed. She would have succeeded in seeing, thanks to the stars, several crisis factors for this couple, such as their great age difference, the media pressure which weighed on them and the existence of a secret and all-consuming passion on the part of Charles for another woman : Camilla Parker Bowles.

Lady Di: what her astrologer saw in her birth chart

Born on July 1, 1961, Diana was a Sun Cancer with a Ascending Sagittarius and a Moon in Aquarius. Thornton claims that in Lady Di’s birth chart there was a clear destiny to be a martyr and to bring about a revolution that would change the English monarchy forever.

She also told Today: ‘There was a big element of sacrifice to Diana’s theme. She had Neptune in the first house and you know, it used to be kind of a very mystical, spiritual placement. But it also has a lot to do with betrayal.”

The astrologer claims to have advised Diana to use the helplessness that her sad situation generated in her as a driving force to help others. It’s something she advises many of her clients, but those words resonated strongly with the princess, who has taken advantage of her privileged position to be the spokesperson for many humanitarian issues around the world.

Premonitory dreams about the death of Lady Diana

In 1989, the astrologer shared two prophetic dreams with Lady Diana. Thornton claims that she had dreamed of “two police motorcycles and a white car running in front, leaving a black car, all alone.” In another premonitory dream, she would have seen queen elizabeth of England to announce one of the tragic news to the British people.

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A sad end for the relationship of the princess and the astrologer

The relationship between the two women ended when their telephone exchanges were tapped and one of their private conversations was used as the title of a tabloid article. The Princess of Wales believed Penny Thornton had sold the information to the newspaper and ended their relationship. The astrologer also said that she feels blessed to have had such a close relationship with the princess, but ultimately it was a poisoned gift, as it was very damaging to her career.

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Lady Diana: 25 years after her death, her astrologer reveals these two “prophetic” dreams

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