Jennifer Lopez hates people of this zodiac sign and refuses to hire them

Apparently, Jennifer Lopez believes in astrology and seems to use it in her professional life. Indeed, the information was blown to us by the actress and former professional dancer, Heather Morris. The latter discovered the little peculiarity of the diva during an audition… So do you part of the astrological sign hated by JLo ?

Jennifer Lopez does not recruit a certain astrological sign in particular!

Going on tour with Jennifer Lopez is not given to everyone. You have to have artistic talents, it’s undeniable, but also meet several criteria, including a really unexpected criterion! Heather Morris confessed that JLo did not agree to work with a certain zodiac sign… For this, she explains to us how one of her auditions went. As a reminder, Heather Morris is a 35-year-old actress who was part of the musical program “Glee” and has worked with many artists.

Jennifer Lopez is based on astrology

Heather Morris confessed the zodiac sign that Jennifer Lopez turned down for the podcast “Just Sayin’ with Justin Martindale”. She says that the singer of On the Floor came into the theater at the end of the day and said: “Thank you very much guys. They worked very hard. If there is a Virgin present, can you raise your hand? “.

Next, Jennifer Lopez reportedly whispered something to his assistant. The diva announces to the dancers who have raised their hands: “Thank you very much for coming.” The latter had to leave the room after a hard day of hearings. Is JLo afraid that this sign will bring him bad luck? Is this reality, a whim of a star or yet another rumour? Anyway, if that’s true, some considered this attitude shameful. “They don’t pay you, you’ve been there since 10 a.m. and you audition until 6 p.m. But, then, we wonder if she does the same in her love life?

What is Ben Affleck’s sign?

Well, Ben Affleck don’t have to worry, because he is Leo! The glamorous couple had a love affair twenty years ago and decided to give a second chance in 2022. Indeed, the lovebirds got married in complete privacy this summer. The two stars are regulars at the wedding. Indeed, between them, they were married no less than six times. Is this time, this union the good one and the last? Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck swear “yes”!

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Jennifer Lopez hates people of this zodiac sign and refuses to hire them

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