Indira Ampiot (Miss France 2023): here is what the astrology says about her reign year

France has its new national beauty queen since December 17, 2022. And it is the perfect physique and the breathtaking presence by Indira Ampiot which allowed her to obtain the title of most beautiful woman in France. Originally from Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe, the winner will now be the representative of our national ideal of beauty and will have to fulfill certain obligations that this investiture imposes on her. Astrologya millennial discipline can provide us with some interesting predictions about what his reign will be, and will answer many questions from the public!

Astro: what will the reign of Miss France 2023 look like according to the stars?

By analyzing the astrological chart of an astrological event, we can learn more about the energies it will emanate in the future. In this case, the astrological chart realized at the time of Indira Ampiot’s election as Miss France 2023 shows us several interesting planetary aspects that give us clues as to what his reign will be.

astro indira ampiot 2023

A year when Indira Ampiot will bring harmony to the French

The night sky map of the Miss France election indicates that the Moon was in the sign of the Balance when our new beauty queen was elected. This means that his reign will produce harmonious and balanced emotions among the French people. It will be a popular Miss France and loved by the people. Libra is a sign ruled by the energy of Venus, a symbol of femininity. So it’s no surprise that Indira Ampiot has an affinity for supporting women’s causes. The young beauty confessed that she wanted to help women with cancer.

Will Indira Ampiot be happy during her reign as Miss France?

But now, looking at Indira’s birth chart herself, we wonder, how will she feel during her reign? What the planets tell us is that Indira is a young lady who likes to be in the limelight. His home planet Venus is in the sign of Lion, which predisposes her to send a strong image of femininity to young French women. This will place Indira in a position of strength that will satisfy her desire to fulfill herself as a Miss and as a beauty icon.

The new Miss France 2023, will she live her reign under pressure?

If Indira Ampiot is a strong woman, the passage of Pluto into the sign of Aquarius, from March 23, 2023, will fall into her astrological house of duty and work testing her patience. This will give him tremendous pressure to deal with. The many planets in the sign of Virgo will probably help him find the organization and the serenity necessary not to be overwhelmed by stress. Her astrological chart gives the profile of a peaceful and humble woman who does not get carried away by glory and luxury.

How will Indira Ampiot feel away from her family?

The beautiful brunette of one meter seventy-seven inherited the beauty of her mother, Béatrice Téjou, who was herself elected first runner-up in the Miss Guadeloupe contest in 1998. It is thanks to the support of her relatives that Diane Leyre’s successor, Miss France 2022, was able to participate in this competition. The crowned young woman dedicated her title to her family and made special reference to her grandmother, who died in 2022 from cancer. The strength of character and determination that Indira’s astrological chart reveals about her will make the twelve months of her reign away from her family difficult, but bearable and formative for the 18-year-old young woman that she is.

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A young woman born to be queen

Indira’s birth chart leaves no doubt: she is an undisputed queen in every sense of the word. Beauty opened doors for her to flood the French with her grace and benevolent energy. For the little anecdote, the new ambassador of French beauty would have knitted a crochet top for all her competition comrades as a gift. A gesture that testifies to her generosity and her nobility, which are two essential characteristics for the role she will play this year within our community.

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Indira Ampiot (Miss France 2023): here is what the astrology says about her reign year

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