How can astrology guide us in our love life?

Who has never read or listened to their horoscope, either carefully or for fun? But, even if we often know our astrological sign, astrology is far from being limited to that! Established from the day, time and place of birth, the birth chart can be a very effective way to get to know your personality better, to better identify your strengths and weaknesses, but also your desires.

How to see more clearly about yourself and your journey thanks to astrology? How do the stars have a say in our love life? To answer these questions, Murielle Giordan receives Shana Lyes, astrologer, coach, author and creator of the Instagram account Astrolia.

Astrology, a great tool for personal development

Shana Lyes is one of the best-known astrologers currently in France and Belgium. At only 25 years old, she has an Instagram account followed by more than 250,000 people and has published several books, including most recently Love (published by Harlequin). From the start, she sought to popularize this ancestral discipline, which she sees as a great tool for personal development.

Far from a vision of astrology that would be fatalistic or deterministic, on the contrary it uses the language of the stars as the meanswhich is fun, practical and accessible, get to know each other betterto make lucid choices, whether in the sentimental, sexual or work domain. She thus speaks of the astral theme as“a flashlight that you shine on a part of yourself”.

To use astrology in difficult times as well as in key periods of one’s life, one should not be satisfied with one’s astral sign alone: ​​it is the horoscope, which takes into account all the planets at our birth, which proves to be the most precise and able to best guide us in our questions. It is possible to make your sky map via the internet on the site:

Shana Lyes gives some key dates for the near future, like next Saturday, April 30, the date on which the new moon symbolizing renewal will appear, or even May 10, which will see Jupiter transit through Aries until October, thus favoring the three fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius ). However, she does not see astrology as a means of prediction, but rather of therapy, to identify his personality, his wounds and his strengths.

I am Pisces ascendant Scorpio, and at certain times, I have bad temper, and even more and more. Is it related to my sign? – Marie-Arlette

Thus, to the question of a listener Marie-Arlette, Shana Lyes answers in two stages: certainly, her ascendancy could well explain this bad character, but is it not there also as a means of asserting herself, whereas younger she was more erased?

In the same way as certain yoga postures that Shana Lyes recommends, or certain precious stones (lithotherapy), astrology is there to help us regain self-confidence, to free ourselves from our negative emotions and come to choose what is good for us.

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How can astrology guide us in our love life?

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