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Posted on December 16, 2022 at 11:11 a.m.

This week again, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié gives us the cosmic “The” to determine the luckiest signs… And the others. Here are the flops for the week of December 15 to 22, 2022.

It is the beginning of the end. December, at least. Because this middle of the month does not only reserve good surprises, astrologically speaking. Whether the arrival of the Capricorn season brings good luck to certain astrological signs, This is not the case of everyone. Half of your Christmas parcels were stolen, you caught an unexpected cold before falling on the ice and your tree had a cat accident? If it suits you to put these trials of life on the back of astrology, it’s always taken. You’ve come to the right place to blame someone, anyone. Same Mercury retrograde, yes. But since astrology is also an excellent excuse to get off on the right foot, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié gives us personalized advice to counter this little temporary lack of luck. Because the stars are not there to dampen your spirits, quite the contrary.

Horoscope: what does the third week of December have in store for us?

Astrally speaking, this week promises to be sporty. A great zodiacal change is taking place in the sky: we are slowly but surely passing from sagittarius season in the season of Capricorn. You don’t know what that means? Translation: the festive (and excessive) atmosphere of Christmas preparations gives way to post-holiday season belt-tightening. And while that delights Capricorn and fellow earth signs Taurus and Virgo, the whole zodiac doesn’t. Especially since a slight disturbance is coming soon: Mercury retrograde. It does not officially start until December 29, but the “shadow zone” effect is there: Mercury retrograde has already begun since December 12. At the heart of the astral turbulence to come, some signs have a great interest in fastening their belts. Even to prepare the parachute.

Horoscope: this astrological sign will have to roll up its sleeves this week

Because the celestial vault is moving, a cosmic boost doesn’t last forever. So don’t rest on your laurels. But as you know, at the end of the year, the temptation to stick to one’s achievements is great. This is the case of Ram since Jupiter, planet of luck, returns to their constellation after a small retrograde in Pisces. For Jean-Yves Espié, there is no question of letting go: “The other planets invite you to roll up your sleeves to advance your projects. » With your planet, Mars, which always retrogrades in Gemini, we grant you: it is easier said than done. The demotion of the planet of action invites us to be patient: exactly what Aries hate. To continue to benefit from the good symbolic influence of Jupiter, the impatient of the zodiac will have to learn to take it upon themselves and deal with what they have. Which is pretty good, since Aries have an impressive amount of perseverance.

Horoscope: this week, an astrological sign should rest

It’s stronger than them, some astro signs are more generous than others. They give everything: attention, advice, kindness and cookies. But on the road to altruism, it’s easy to get lost and forget about your own needs. Once is not custom, it is still the case, this week, of the sweet Cancer. Experts in Christmas meals, the zodiac crabs go to the kitchen as one goes to battle: rolling pin as a mass, apron for armor. Their battle cry? “There is no fatigue whatsoever! But exhaustion lurks, as the astrologer says: “You might want to be both in the oven and in the mill.” » Jean-Yves Espié warns, this week promises to be under « a contrasting sky », for Cancerians who adore this period of festivities by the fireside but love to control everything. The astrologer’s advice for our exhausted crabs? ” The best is the enemy of good. So we avoid making too many commitments and we keep it as simple as possible. No, you don’t need to make an entire gingerbread house village. Yes, you need to take a nap.

Horoscope: the annoyances accumulate, this week, for this astrological sign

Among the twelve signs of the zodiac, there are those who take care almost exclusively of their business and then there are the others. In the “yes, but I want to help” team, we obviously find the Cancerians, as said above, but also the Libras. Their dearest desire? To please and be loved by everyone. So when his fetish planet Venus, frequents the constellation of the less conciliatory Capricornit is not comfortable for the Balance. She who needs to put the forms and the small dishes in the big ones, the pragmatic frankness of the sign of the Earth disconcerts her. So, it’s fatal, Jean-Yves Espié foresees a somewhat difficult week for the Libras: “You risk taking temporary annoyances to heart. On the other hand, the planet of wisdom asks you to find the right distance with certain interlocutors, who are not very good at diplomacy. Your biggest challenge, this week as in the rest of your life? Let go of what (and especially those) that you cannot change. Nobody will blame you if there is a dispute at the New Year’s Eve table: you are a person, not a referee!

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Horoscope: which zodiac signs are the least lucky in mid-December? – She

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