Horoscope: the month of July will be very (very) complicated for these 2 zodiac signs!

It is the hottest time of the year. And while some pack their bags and jet off to white sand beaches, others are far more interested in a quiet, peaceful summer. While the Sun about to transition into their home sign, Leo, some zodiac signs will be eager to be in the limelight. While others will be more inclined to withdraw and reflect. For this reason, July 2022 will be the worst month for 2 zodiac signs in particular! We give you more details in the following lines!

Astrology: Capricorn!

In July, the sun will leave your seventh house of relationships to enter your eighth house of limits and shared resources. Your connections and links deepen now. Which also makes it an important time to set healthy boundaries. In addition, the natives of this astrology are known to lend a helping hand to others when they need it.

However, it is important that you feel recognized and appreciated for everything you do. That said, now is the time to speak your mind if you don’t feel considered. Especially since you work far too hard to be neglected! However, it is true that conversations can be difficult at first. But you will feel much more comfortable letting go of some of your grievances. And for that, astrology will give you some advice along the way. So, stay vigilant about everything around you!


There could be conflicts in your personal life this week, Aquarius. As combative Mars is currently crossing the seventh house of this astrological sign, you have already had to face drama! Whether you are fighting with your partner or facing misunderstandings with your co-workers, the heat is rising for this July 2022!
Currently, Mars meets Pluto in your fourth house.

That said, you may feel like you’re trying to balance the happiness one person without upsetting another! However, keep in mind that you have no control than about yourself. If people want to blame you for everything, that’s their problem and certainly not yours. Besides, have no fear since astrology will offer you a new door after this gloomy month!

Astrology: A temporary difficulty!

Wise beyond your age, the natives of Capricorn astrology are stable and determined. You slowly work your way to the top with unwavering determination. But, as with any climb, there are bound to be sticking points. And no matter how hard you try, you won’t always succeed. Dear Capricorns, you are more than capable to get you out of your mess, no matter how long it takes. You just need to remember what you’re looking at reach. Get to work and don’t lose sight of your goal!

Aquarius, you really are a breath of fresh air. Last of signs of air, you are a great thinker and a free spirit. You do not like to adhere to the norm or on the contrary! Indeed, you are the one dancing in the corner of the party to a song that no one else can hear. Or watch a movie no one else has seen. You know who you are and you will fight to the end for what you believe in. And that without taking into account what others are doing. July will be quite a difficult month. But don’t lose hope because astrology has better times in store for you!

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Horoscope: the month of July will be very (very) complicated for these 2 zodiac signs!

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