Horoscope: the arrival of the Capricorn season brings good luck to these three astrological signs – Elle

The onset of cold weather reconnects us to the cycle of the seasons. While summer unleashed our share of creativity and fall questioned us about the meaning of the term “well-being”, winter is more pragmatic. It is a time of introspection, withdrawal, rest and slowing down. No more stringing together festivals by running to the four corners of France, we grant ourselves a truce to recharge our batteries, snug under a duvet. At least, that’s the message the stars are trying to convey to us in mid-December. Admittedly, the end-of-year celebrations punctuate our organization. There are the perfect gifts to find, the decoration to be installed, the table plan to be laid out, the menu to be imagined… But, there is also a need to take time for oneself, to let go and to slow down. A way to protect yourself from the little viruses of winter and to prepare psychologically to find uncle Jean-Michel always more and the aunt a little reactive who thinks she knows everything better than everyone. You know perfectly well who we are talking about, there is no need to deny it. We are all in the same boat as we approach December 24! To help you find your cycle in the best possible way, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié studies the sky every week. It deciphers the stars and their movements to help us understand what energies we have to deal with. After sharing his predictions and his lunar horoscope, he lists the luckiest signs of the moment. Who will be on top between December 15 and 21, 2022? The answer without further delay.

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Horoscope for the week of December 19

The next few days are marked by one of the most powerful festivals of the year. No, our schedule is not early, we prefer to anticipate your question since we are not talking about Christmas, but about Yule. A witch’s sabbath which inevitably corresponds to Christmas for magic aficionados, but also to the passage of the Sun in the sign of Capricorn. The 21st is not only the date of the winter solstice, it is a day when all rituals are allowed. In the article on smudge stick – understand the fumigation sticks, we explained to you as follows: “The tradition for Yule, mirroring the summer solstice festival on June 21 when we embrace large fires outside, wants us to illuminate rather the interior: candles, incense and beneficial plants are included. »

More concretely, this week immerses us in the universe of Capricorn. This conscientious and pragmatic sign invites us to regain control over our lives. After splurging on our Christmas gifts, it’s time to get your budgets in order. Do you find it tiring? Wait until you know that Mercury retrograde, which returns on December 30, is already starting to take effect. Yes, if you have the impression for a few days to be under pressure, it is only the beginning. The shadow zone of the planet of communication or “retro shade” sows confusion in our minds. More than ever, it’s time to slow down to avoid going all over the place. The mission of the week is as follows: learn to internalize this overflow, agree to pause for a moment to reflect on the situation, to put things down and sort things out. Fortunately, this does not seem (yet) to disturb all the signs of the zodiac. Three of them even see their lives take a most pleasant turn.

Horoscope: this astrological sign will finally be able to rest

The first days of December are never easy. Remember to open the box of your Advent calendar every morning, cover yourself well, find your scarf, reconnect with the joy of giving gifts. In short, the program is loaded and the pace is steady. This is why recently the Scorpio may have felt a little torn between his desire to do well and the need rooted in him to hide at home with a plaid and a good Netflix series. Well, that was before. The astrologer, Jean-Yves Espié is certain, a change is taking place in the coming days. “You have just passed a milestone”, he underlines. Something to regain strength and breathe a little. “Take the opportunity to slow down and relax, let your mind wander as you meet people because, in the background, your creativity is running at full speed. »

The planets in Earth sign, Mercury (communication), Venus (love) and soon the Sun, all three in Capricorn, allow Scorpio to take its time. This is an opportunity to listen to yourself a little more, to follow your intuition more intensely. All this, for the sole purpose of regaining one’s balance. A little more cosmic: “The lucky star in a sign of water being on your side as well, you could come across a great opportunity. “If he wanted to embark on a project for a while, then it has a good chance of materializing, and this, especially if it echoes his creative sensibility. On the heart side too, it may be the sign of a beautiful encounter. The hearts to take could cross the rare pearl. It is still necessary to succeed in facing the cold to dare to leave its burrow. But that, the history and forecasts of Jean-Yves Espié do not say. Do we dare to believe it?

Horoscope: this astrological sign could have some nice surprises

Capricorn is in his element. Right now, the concentration of planets above his head brings him luck. Everything the last Earth sign does is likely to lead to success. A detail that makes sense, especially for a sign as hardworking as Capricorn. Yes, but that’s not all that matters. The stars give the opportunity to Capricorn to open his chakras to reconnect with his personal life. “Venus and Pluto are present in your sector. If the first makes you benefit from an undeniable charm, the second awakens the impulses inherent in buried desires. It is no longer a question of playing the shy card or hiding behind a mask. The planet of love combined with that of rebirth encourages Capricorn to let go. It’s time to free yourself and to assume loud and clear what are your passions, your desires and even your fantasies.

If he manages to speak with an open heart, the Capricorn has a good chance of breathing new life into his union. “When desires awaken, they intoxicate us with intense sensations,” laughs the astrologer. No need to put up barriers. The more Capricorn embraces their cravings, the more wings they will feel. Single, if you’ve had someone in mind for a while, now might be a good time to take action. Daring to take the first step by giving yourself up a little more, assuming what type of relationship makes you vibrate, saying yes without having to ask yourself too many questions. So many tracks that can help you live passionate and passionate moments. In short, to dive into the magic of the present moment by creating a surprise. For the rest, we will see later!

Horoscope: here is the luckiest sign of the week

Reading the forecasts of Capricorn, we detect without too much concern that the signs of the Earth are on the rise. At this moment, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are carried by the stars. The few words of the astrologer prove it: “The accumulation of planets in an Earth sign is a message of benevolence to facilitate your steps and your negotiations. ” The Virgin would then be the great chosen one of the zodiac this week. For her, all the lights are green. The opportunity to dive into a creative and beneficial dynamic. If all this looks rather positive in her private life, it is especially at work that she is likely to feel the effects. Is his career about to take a leap? She has, in any case, all the cards in hand to drive beautiful changes.

“Your sense of communication and your finesse of mind are to the subscribers present. The negotiations started in the coming days could then bear fruit. The exchanges turn in his favor. Enough to enable her to obtain the material and financial needs she needs to move forward more serenely. “To add a dose of charm, the planet Venus will provide you with the best. Take the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. A meeting at the coffee machine, a game of gaze when badgering in the canteen. You just have to believe it to see an encounter turn into an exciting adventure. Something to help him decompress before plunging back into the organization of the end-of-year celebrations. Will they dare to sign for a week without a to-do list?

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Horoscope: the arrival of the Capricorn season brings good luck to these three astrological signs – Elle

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