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Published on January 06, 2023 at 11:11 am

Like every week, Jean-Yves Espié’s horoscope announces which astrological signs will have to work extra hard during the week of January 6 to 12, 2023.

It’s not us who say it, it’s the stars: the next seven days will not be easy for two astrological signs. Whereas some signs will experience beautiful evolutions, others will happily pedal through semolina. But don’t panic, the stars move quickly and we guarantee you that, in the zodiac as elsewhere, nothing lasts! Jean-Yves Espié makes sure to provide his advice so that the week is not too hard, so remember: take the stars on the bright side. And if you prefer to rely on the moon, take a look at your weekly lunar horoscope.

What the sky has in store for us this mid-January 2023

Even though Taurus enjoy galette month (especially because it’s followed by pancake month), January isn’t an easy month for everyone. The proof: the most depressing day of the year, or “Blue Monday”, is January 16th. Far be it from us to find yet another excuse to tax Capricorns as killjoys. With the Sun, Mercury and Pluto in its sign, and Uranus in a friendly Earth sign, the cosmic goat shines. It’s time to get back to work, Dry January and the organization of the year. But other zodiac signs don’t find the period as fun as Capricorn. For good reason, Mercury in retrograde since the end of 2022 is not the most comfortable for the Mercurian signs, Gemini and Virgo, as well as for the other Air signs, Libra and Aquarius. But since nothing is ever simple in astrology, none of the signs mentioned above are among the least lucky signs of the week.

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This Zodiac Sign Will Have To Stop Procrastinating This Week

Easier said than done, you will no doubt tell us: and you will be right. But a booster shot will always go better from a distant star than from your best friend or your banker. This week, the Lions are fed up with it. The beginning of the year and the end of the holidays generally enchant only the Capricorn, but for the Leo who loves to have fun: it’s a real blow. In the sky, Venus the lover faces him in his opposite sign, Aquarius and even his favorite star, the Sun, frolics in Capricorn, the sign of the call to order. Jean-Yves Espié advises Lion “Don’t wait until the last moment to act, because the responsibilities accumulate. Even if it means finding a playful way to complete the tasks that are incumbent on you. You love games, so invent some! Ten points for this answered mail, 100 points for having sorted your mail. After 1000 points, treat yourself to a good bath. Especially since you would benefit from relaxing at the start of the year. “Express yourself with flexibility and without irritation, because there is no better way to avoid tension,” recommends the astrologer.

This week, the past will catch up with an astrological sign

And as much to say that the past is precisely the hobbies of this sign. As well as memory, grudges, playlists that bring back memories and dreams of exs. We are of course talking about the nostalgic and sensitive Cancer. Because his favorite star could well give him a hard time this week. The emotional wave Full Moon in Cancer on Saturday January 7 2022 will bring back with it some memories buried deep in your memory. Jean-Yves Espié summarizes your mood for the week with a quote from Nina Bouraoui: “We never draw definitive lines, we know that the past is a snake that bites. But don’t forget that in mythology, the snake is as dangerous as it is synonymous with healing: with its venom, we make as many poisons as remedies. Sometimes remembering is not pleasant but necessary to turn the page, as Pluto invites you to do, according to the astrologer. Sensitive as you are, you might have a little trouble concentrating for the next few days. But a wave comes and goes: tranquility will return as quickly as it left! In the meantime, take a cue from the Lion and treat yourself to a bubble bath, while waiting for the tide to recede.

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Horoscope: mid-January promises to be (very) difficult for these 2 astrological signs – Elle

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