Horoscope: here is the main quality of each astrological sign

Daring, joyful, sociable, courageous… Each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac has a quality that differentiates it from the others. Here is the one associated with each native, according to astrocoach Nathalie Marcot.

Aries: Bold

Fire sign, Aries is bold and courageous, says the specialist, also an expert in inner connection and relationship. He’s always up for trying new things, even if they’re dangerous. Ruled by Mars, the planet of war and combat, he loves challenges and challenges, and nothing stops him.

Taurus: Epicurean

Taurus is a great epicurean who loves to enjoy all the little pleasures in life. This Earth sign also appreciates being behind the stove. He takes as much pleasure in eating as he does in preparing elaborate dishes and desserts.

Gemini: sociable

Air sign, the element of communication, Gemini are known to be very sociable. Ruled by Mercury, a planet symbolizing exchange and speech, this native likes to chat, meet people, and gets on easily with others.

Cancer: Intuitive

Cancer is intuitive. Ruled by the Moon, he has a sixth sense. This Water sign, the element of sensitivity and receptivity, identifies people easily and will perceive many things, even when they are not said.

Leo: Warm

A fire sign ruled by the Sun, Leo is a warm sign. He likes to welcome and entertain with pomp and quickly puts his guests at ease. When he receives, the Lion puts the small dishes in the big ones so that this invitation is memorable.

Virgo: reasonable

For her part, Virgo is reasonable. She is aware of the rules and limits. Ruled by Mercury, planet of intellect and reasoning, this Earth sign always thinks before acting.

Libra: welcoming

Libra is very welcoming in nature. She appreciates being visited, even unexpectedly. This Air sign welcomes others and likes to entertain, whether it’s for a casual bite to eat, or just to chat for a while.

Scorpio: Magnetic

Water sign, Scorpio is magnetic. Ruled by Pluto, planet of secrecy, this animal with claws captures the attention and has something very attractive. We immediately want to discover it and know more about it.

Sagittarius: Happy

Sagittarius likes to enjoy, have fun, and be surrounded by friends. Ruled by Jupiter, planet of optimism, this sign of Fire has the joy of living and makes everyone laugh, continues Nathalie Marcot, who holds a chain Horoscope: here is the main quality of each astrological sign.

Capricorn: resilient

Ruled by Saturn, planet of concentration, Capricorn is a resilient being. This Earth sign is resilient and combative, especially when it comes to work. He adapts to obstacles and knows how to handle problems.

Aquarius: creative

Air sign, Aquarius is known for its creativity. Ruled by Uranus, this nonconformist native is good at inventing things and loves novelties. He has a lot of imagination and ideas.

fish: adaptable

Finally, the sign of Pisces is a real chameleon. He is able to adapt to all environments. No matter where and with whom he is, he knows how to take on the color of the atmosphere and the people around him to fit in better.

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Horoscope: here is the main quality of each astrological sign

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