Horoscope: Here are the worst flaws for each zodiac sign

All astrological signs have their own qualities, but also defects. Pessimistic, cold, stubborn, indecisive, touchy, liar…Here is the biggest for each of the twelve zodiac signs.


Aries reacts out of control. According to the astrocoach Nathalie Marcot, who recalls that to make an in-depth analysis, the ascendant must also be taken into account, the natives are indeed “very impulsive”. It is in their nature to act and speak without thinking, “which can play tricks on them.” This sign often speaks “words that exceed his thought”.


Even when he is wrong, Taurus will support his ideas. He sticks to his guns and likes to be right. When he has an opinion on a subject, he won’t care about yours. Once he has decided on something, nothing and no one can make him change his mind. In other words, he is “stubborn and obstinate”.


For his part, Gemini is known for his “agitation”, in his actions and mentally. This sign “blows the air. He will think about many things at the same time, be very active, move in all directions. It does not stay in place”, specifies the specialist, also an expert in inner connection and relationship.


This is the most susceptible sign of the zodiac. No matter how the reproach is phrased, “Cancer, who is very sensitive and rather vindictive, is not going to forget it.” He will take everything very seriously, “keep the remark in question in a corner of his head and rehash it for several days”.


A sign of fire ruled by the Sun, Leo, on the other hand, is an “authoritarian” being. Indeed, people born between July 23 and August 23 like to take on the role of leader. He needs to “direct everything”, underlines the astrologer, specifying that this sign is also known to be “proud”.


With this Earth sign, nothing should stick out. Virgos are detail-oriented, but obsessively so. A perfectionist by nature, this earth sign “goes for the little beast and splits hairs”.


She is the queen of indecision. Libra can weigh the pros and cons for hours before making a decision. Whether it’s about clothing, the menu, or even a destination for holidays, “she finds it difficult to choose”. And for good reason, “to choose is to renounce something”, and this idea is unbearable to him.


Revenge is a dish best served cold. This is an expression that suits Scorpio perfectly. If he felt hurt, this Water sign will “seek revenge and won’t let go, even after years.”


Sagittarius rhymes with recklessness. This Fire sign has a very pronounced taste for adventure. The natives are thirsty for discoveries, freedom, and independence, analyzes Nathalie Marcot. But “they do not always see the risk and thus tend to put themselves in danger”.


An earth sign, Capricorn can appear cold and is often defeatist and pessimistic. Generally, people born between December 22 and January 20 will focus on the negative aspects of life and assume that things will turn out badly.


He says what he thinks out loud, even if it means hurting his friends or his family. Adamant, Aquarius can be “breaking and hurtful,” whether through their words or their deeds. And he is fully aware of it. He is “a revolutionary, a rebel”.


Finally, the fish is the champion of dissimulation. For him, lying is second nature. “It’s stronger than him, he lies without realizing it. He would like reality to be as beautiful as in his dreams… So he manages with reality”.

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Horoscope: Here are the worst flaws for each zodiac sign

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