Horoscope for the week from May 30 to June 5: here’s what awaits you

The week that begins closes the month of May with a bang with a New Moon in Gemini this Monday, May 30, 2022. This event will change the habits of your life and bring new elements for your development.

Horoscope of the week: good news awaits you!

Mercury, the planet of the intellect will stop playing tricks soon! On June 3, 2022, she will end her demotion and we will finally be able to breathe, because her influence will no longer threaten our communication.

March and Jupiter in Aries bring us a hell of a peach, which will be welcome, and Venus in Taurus more opulent than ever, infusing a pleasant and hedonistic energy will do you good!

Astro: a calmer month of June according to the stars

If the month of May 2022 was eventful, the month of June promises to be calmer. The sky will be more lenient and the retrograde movements too! Soon you will be able to enjoy the energy of Jupiter and Mars in Aries without restrictions. What happiness!

Ram :

You have your work cut out for you this week, your work sector is presided over by the power of Pluto. Your career will be a top priority for you this week. Wise and innovative strategies will come to you to get you noticed in those around you. The New Moon asks you to incorporate new elements into your life, but be careful, with your ruling planet, Mars in your sign, you may have to think a little more before acting to avoid accidents!

Bull :

Your area of ​​finances welcomes the New Moon and it encourages you to renew the financial structures and resources, already existing in your life, because they risk becoming obsolete. Open the doors to renewal and lose the fear of risk, under its influence this week you will have the audacity to change your strategy.


Monday’s New Moon in your sign will act as a booster that will give you the energy and strength to begin a new phase in your life. You will find what you have been looking for for a long time, even if it is not yet very clear to you. How will you know? You will know it, that’s all!

Cancer :

This week will be a time for introspection. The New Moon will take place in your house of the unconscious and hidden emotions. You are advised to indulge in reflection at the risk of moving blindly as to your true intentions and desires for the future if this does not occur. Stay zen and sleep well, it will help you!

Lion :

Renewing connections and diversifying your surroundings could be beneficial for you at this time. You have a nice social circle, but opportunities don’t have to be restricted to people you know. Take advantage of this week with the energy of Gemini which promotes contact to meet people who could bring freshness to your life!

Virgin :

You are very down-to-earth, but with this full moon your philosophical and spiritual horizons are expanding. You feel the desire to know new countries and customs. It might be time to consider a trip abroad. This will satisfy the desire for elsewhere that this New Moon will bring to you.

Balance :

This New Moon will be the perfect excuse for you to experiment in all possible fields. Look for something new in your life, meet new people, visit previously unexplored places and diversify your usual activities. You will feel the change coming faster than you think.


Your personality continually seeks novelty in all possible fields. This new moon comes right after your big spring cleaning, sponsored by the spectacular Full Blood Moon in your sign on May 16, 2022! So, for you, this new lunation comes at the perfect time to fill the void you have been able to make to receive cosmic energy!


The New Moon will bring you encounters with strong romantic potential. Be confident, you may not immediately see this new aspect of your life, but the stars tell us that love is on the streets, and you are out!


Your house of health will be impacted by the New Moon. You will do well to implement new strategies to improve your lifestyle. We are not saying that you are not rigorous enough, but you will have to add new elements to this plan to take care of yourself.

Aquarius :

You will have an unexpected flirtation that will awaken your joie de vivre. You will know how to use the right words to seduce and attract your target to you! You are in a relationship ? Your creativity will make you the perfect companion this week.


The New Moon falls in your sector of focus. Are you considering a move? It could happen sooner than expected! Your way of being warm will bring you new key encounters for the future this week. Be on the lookout and don’t miss the opportunity to create new links!

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Horoscope for the week from May 30 to June 5: here’s what awaits you

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