Horoscope for the week from June 27 to July 3, 2022: here’s what awaits your sign

After a great Gemini season, the cancer season finally arrived, the same day as the first day of summer 2022. A particular period, because the climate invites us to socialize and be with our loved ones, but several tensions in the heavens are on the agenda.

Astro: which planets are in tension with each other this week in the firmament?

The week starts with a square of Jupiter in Aries under the sun. This will give the whole zodiac a blind optimism, which will not be justified.

On the other hand, the New Moon of June 29, 2022 in the sign of Cancer, invites you to give free rein to your most sensitive and romantic side. This lunation is the time to let your imagination take over and allow you to dream without feeling guilty.

Then towards the end of his course in this sign, the moonmakes a difficult aspect with Pluto and Mars, which promises to increase the ambient tension and the possibility of arguments and misunderstandings.

This week is ideal for resting and taking time for yourself. Try not to expose yourself to stressful situations. The commotion in the air would only heighten the emotionality that Cancer season has set up for the start of the summer season.

Be careful at all times, because the planets are in all their states!


Your sensitivity this week is tied to your innermost circle. The family and the people with whom you share your home will take on increased importance in the coming days. Avoid arguments with those you love, even if you don’t feel very emotionally stable right now, it will only upset you more.


You will find it difficult to focus on what is important to you this week. You will need to understand with your mind your overflow of emotions. This is not always obvious. Allow yourself to feel without intellectualizing too much what is happening to you, it can help you.


Venus in your sign is asking you to take action. This week, she will make a favorable angle to Jupiter and you will feel your sex appeal skyrocket. Mercury, which is also in your sign, makes a peaceful dialogue with Saturn in retrograde to give order and structure to your ideas and thoughts. Enjoy!


All week Jupiter will make a difficult aspect to the Sun in your sign. You will feel full of energy, but be careful not to demand too much of yourself and to dip into your reserves, because this aspect will make you believe that anything is possible. Your energy even if it is boosted by the Star King currently, it is limited. Handle it wisely.


This week, the Sun, the star that dominates your sign, asks you to slow down and listen to your heart. It crosses your zone of the unconscious and many hidden fears resurface. It is completely normal to feel moments of sadness and a lot of instability. Be indulgent with yourself, because on the weekend an aspect of the Moon in your sign to Saturn will test you. Courage, Dear Lion, there is no evil that lasts a hundred years.


You have the impression of stagnating in your professional life. You feel the limitations of your current situation and this discourages you. Now is not the time to dump everything with Saturn in retrograde. Hold on and think about what would make you grow in this plan. Your patience will pay off very soon.


This week, you feel the need for action in the love plan. The planets Jupiter and Mars, both in Aries are exactly in the area of ​​your birth chart dedicated to love and they make you restless. In good aspect with Mercury, the latter will allow you to try to seduce almost anyone with your beautiful words and your elegance.


A great opportunity for your career could appear this week. Be on the lookout, as these could go unnoticed. As for certain emotions from the past that come back to surface, observe them and let them go. You have already moved on a long time ago.


This week, your creativity will seek to intensely express feelings that have been hidden in the depths of your soul. Try to channel all this in a positive way and without resorting to aggression. This aspect might be the kind to get on your nerves. So take a step back!


You have some money worries right now. This is related to Saturn in retrograde who is thinking about this. The Sun in Cancer illuminates your couple zone. Plan romantic moments and seek to connect with others. This is exactly what you need.


Your mind is running at full speed right now. You want to implement every idea that comes to mind. With Saturn retrograde in your sign, you are advised to slow down the mind and focus on the practical aspects of your plan of action. This planet requires method and seriousness. Calm down and think more coldly.


This week, you will find yourself forced by the cosmos to think about yourself and your own emotional needs. You will not be able to escape this appointment that the New Moon will give you with yourself. Your unique personal expression will be questioned and you will have to ask yourself the right questions in relation to what you really want for yourself without thinking of others. Take some time for yourself !

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Horoscope for the week from June 27 to July 3, 2022: here’s what awaits your sign

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