Horoscope 2023: your astrological forecasts, sign by sign, from January 07 to 13

People born from January 07 to 13 are in the spotlight this week, like Pascal Obispo. Like him, your birthday falls during this period? Happy birthday, and find out what the stars have in store for you. And whatever your day of birth, here is, sign by sign, the color of your astrological Sky, from January 07 to 13.


March 21 – April 20

Heart. Heart and body in tune, you are going through an intense period. On a friendly level, too. Work. New faces, new tempo… Improvise, sign up for training. In short, on to the projects! Health. What vitality!


April 21-May 21

Heart. Oh, an argument. Are you spending too much? Or you are blamed for it. Yes, hard to resist the promotions! Work. You will have to deal with an unforeseen event. A computer failure? A contradiction? Health. To spare.


May 22-June 21

Heart. Chic, Venus adores you! It’s a good time to commit to a new relationship. It’s done ? Count on a cozy atmosphere. Work. A relocation ? You will come back with a project, even a contract. Health. Excellent.

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June 22-July 22

Heart. You would like to change something, but what? You are thinking, which worries your darling. Open the dialog, you will see more clearly. Work. Paperwork, housekeeping problems to manage irritate you. Health. Cool !


July 23-August 23.

Heart. Reproaches, demands… no more truce for confectioners, your other half is doing it again. Definitely, only the year has changed! Work. Are you rowing? What are relationships for? Quick, activate your contacts! Health. Weariness


August 24-September 22

Heart. A bit distant, your darling? He may have a problem he doesn’t want to talk about today. Don’t ask him a thousand questions! Work. Are you being forced into a new method? Courage, you will assimilate it. Health. Take a breather.


September 23-October 23

Heart. You feel lighter, right? This will allow you to start a second step with your other half. Or to live a new story… Work. Given your inspiration, you will relaunch a plan that was struggling to take off. Health. Good.

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October 24-November 22

Heart. Ah, squeaks. Did your darling hurt you? This is probably a misunderstanding. Dialogue! Work. A deal followed by a step back, then a deal again… Expect stressful days. Health. A migraine ?


November 23-December 21.

Heart. You seduce people! It is possible that you are also charmed, and that an idyll begins, the solos. Work. As soon as you are in the office, as soon as you are caught up in a thousand activities and worries. As the results are there, you stay motivated. Health. What pep!


December 22-January 20

Heart. The simple joys are yours: games with the children and your better half, as well as a pleasant evening with friends. Work. A project, but you need a loan? Prepare your file, we will grant it to you. Health. Do you sleep well?


January 21-February 18.

Heart. A smile, a kind word for everyone… If you want to make a single person happy, we are waiting for you! Work. Go somewhere else or reinvent yourself… It doesn’t matter, as long as you move. And you move! Health. Tonus.

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February 19-March 20

Heart. An idyll seems to flourish in discretion. Is it for fear of a familiar’s reaction that you don’t talk about it? Work. He advances, but the context is not very frank. Beware of hidden intrigues, promise? Health. Less punch.

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Horoscope 2023: your astrological forecasts, sign by sign, from January 07 to 13

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