Horoscope 2023: which sex toy for your astrological sign

This year, Madmoizelle has once again studied the stars to find out which sex toy will take you to seventh heaven.

The new year is always synonymous with good resolutions: eat more vegetables, do more sports, quit smoking or finally start reading. And if, this year, do you good was on the list?

Madmoizelle concerted with the stars to discover what awaits each of you during this year 2023 from a pleasure point of view. One thing is certain, the twelve signs of the zodiac each have their specificities, both in their daily lives and in their sexuality.

So that everyone finds their account, here is a selection of twelve high-end sex toys, which will delight each sun sign according to its specificities. As Madmoizelle does not do half measures, the adult toys offered come straight from the brand’s catalog. LELO. Weapons of ultimate pleasures that will have your head in the stars for sure.

Aries: strength of will

Wife Ram, the first sign of the zodiac, is not one to think before acting. She lives a daily life punctuated by spontaneity and impulsiveness, which is reflected in her sex life. The thing to remember is that when Aries want to get something, they get there.
In this case, it is the LELO DOT they need so that they reach the peak of pleasure as they wish. A clitoral stimulator that will bring orgasms to its user.



Taurus: rush headlong


The bulls are hedonistic at will. Going headlong into whatever they do is the purpose of their existence. and that happens to be the pleasure which they find in all things.
Knowing better than anyone how to enjoy the present moment, they need a sex toy that won’t waste their time: the model ENIGMA Cruise. A double vibrator that adapts to all the desires of its owner.



Gemini: double personality, double enjoyment


The Gemini are undoubtedly the most contradictory signs of the zodiac. They are on the one hand lively and light, and on the other reasoned and thoughtful. To satisfy these two personalities, they need a toy versatile which has as many facets as them.

the SORAYA Wave is the sextoy of the situation. It’s a vibrator bunny which will make both Gemini personalities enjoy without any worries.



Cancer: feeling at the heart of pleasure


The Cancer embody emotionality and sensitivity. Feeling emotions much more intensely than other signs, women Cancer are attracted by softness and sensuality.
With an immense inner wealth, they must equip themselves with a sex toy that will seek this wealth in depth. the GIGI 2 will know how to exploit the treasure of Cancerians and satisfy them gently, but surely.



Leo: A Queen’s Treatment


No one will be able to dispute it: the lions are the queens of the zodiac. And who says queen, says private staff. In this sense, the lions deserve other people to take care of them without having to lift a finger.

The Lion knows how to be obeyed and deserves a sex toy that she controls remotely: the IDA Wave, a vibrator that is controlled via an application. Thus, the desires of lions can remain under his control, or be offered to someone else.


IDA™ Wave – LELO

Virgo: the sobriety of intimate pleasure


Wife Virgin is definitely a very cerebral person. In everything she does, she demonstrates extreme meticulousness and exemplary discipline. She doesn’t like frills, and naturally turns to simple pleasures.

the SMART WAND 2 will know how to make it rise to seventh heaven. With a sleek design, this vibrator targets its power and makes pleasure rhyme with efficiency.



Libra: “Unshared pleasure is only half pleasure”


The most conciliatory sign of the zodiac, the woman Balance is ready to concede certain aspects of her pleasure so that the desires of her partner(s) are fulfilled.

In order not to go against its principles, while granting it a optimal sexual well-beinghe needs the TIANI Harmony. An intimate masseur who will know how to satisfy two people at the same time to take them together to the peak of ecstasy.


TIANI™ Harmony – LELO

Scorpio: Intense, intense, ever more intense…


The watchword of Scorpios is the intensity. In their daily life, they possess an extraordinary strength of character. In their intimate life, they allow themselves to be consumed by the force of their desires, so strong are their desires.

the SONA 2 Cruise will make the woman feel Scorpio orgasms as intense as their personality. This jewel of technology has been specially designed to do good longer, and stronger. In short, intense orgasms exponential.


SONA™ 2 Cruise – LELO

Sagittarius: the pleasure professional


With a strong personality coupled with demanding criteria, the Sagittarius is surely the queen of the zodiac when it comes to sexuality. Putting up no barriers, considering nothing as taboo, She knows what she wants when the time of pleasures approaches.

She will instinctively walk towards the model ENIGMA Cruise, the holy grail of pleasure. In addition to its indisputable performance, this sex toy has a little surprise in store for its user at the right time…



Capricorn: learn to do good


Undoubtedly the most courageous and persevering sign on a daily basis, the Capricorn remains rather traditional in its sexual relations. She is not the type to want to test a thousand and one practices, and usually prefers to stay on her laurels, where she feels in trust.

She needs an easy-to-handle sex toy that will make her discover her sexuality from a new angle: LELO Beads. These new generation geisha balls will allow Capricorns a good introduction to this universe fantastical who awaits them.


LELO Beads™ – LELO

Aquarius: Creativity at its peak


The Aquarius, an air sign, is a creative person. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of experimentation, she likes to try out new practices, especially if they are unconventional.

She needs a sex toy that is out of the ordinary and that will make her discover a new pleasure: the SILA Cruise. This sex toy is one of the latest nuggets that LELO has brought to light. With its delicate sonic waves, it reinvents the definition of pleasure.


SILA™ Cruise – LELO

Pisces: from sensuality to the most total ardor


The sign of Fish is mystical, spiritual. It could even be called celestial. The Pisces woman likes to wander in her sexuality, going from a moment of sweetness to an instant intense and powerful.

To satisfy all his desires, the model ARO 3, a multi-faceted sex toy, is the most suitable. With its 12 vibration modes, it will satisfy the Pisces woman like no other adult toy has been able to do.



Whatever happens, and whatever surprises 2023 has you in storeyou now know that one thing is certain: you can always count on a LELO sex toy to satisfy your desires.

Moreover, nothing prevents you from acquiring the sex toy reserved for another sun sign. After all, we are not never too generous with our sexual well-being.

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Horoscope 2023: which sex toy for your astrological sign

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