Horoscope 2022: your astrological forecasts, sign by sign, from October 15 to 21

People born in Taurus are again in the spotlight this week, like Guillaume de Tonquedec, born on October 18. Like the singer, your birthday is that day? Happy birthday, and find out what the stars have in store for you. And whatever your day of birth, here is, sign by sign, the color of your astrological sky, from October 15 to 21.


March 21 – April 20

Heart. A promise you didn’t keep? Your darling seems unhappy. Fix this “oversight” quickly! Work. What you have undertaken will result in a proposal. But maybe not before November. Patience ! Health. Stay zen.


April 21-May 21

Heart. This person attracts you. What a pity that you work together! Too bad, do you like it too much? Stay discreet, it would be frowned upon. Work. These steps will not be taken for you. Come on, nerve! Health. Take care of your back.


May 22-June 21

Heart. Between an escapade and tender declarations, you maintain your bond. Alone ? Seen from the sky, you won’t stay that way for long. Work. What insurance! It is certain that whatever your goal, you will achieve it. Health. Top !

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June 22-July 22

Heart. The vacuum cleaner or the car that let go when you have to do a big cleaning or shopping… Everything contributes to make the atmosphere heavier. Work. Don’t take anything at face value, you risk being manipulated. Check everything! Health. Nervousness.


July 23-August 23.

Heart. Hugs and long conversations with your darling, good times with your friends, you feel loved and understood. Work. People to convince? Whatever your cause, your arguments will hit home. Health. A good drive.


August 24-September 22

Heart. The boss is happy that you are working hard. Not your darling if you come home grumpy. Work. Your currency ? ” All that glitters is not gold “. Beware of tempting offers, promise? Health. Impatience.


September 23-October 23

Heart. Come on, get serious. Well no ! You want to party with your friends, talk about a crazy project with your darling. Top ! Work. Interviews ? Despite a compromise to be accepted, one of them will be positive. Health. Cheerfulness.

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October 24-November 22

Heart. There is passion in conflict. But not always ! Your other half seems tired, why not take a break? Work. Between pressures, rivalries, you don’t know who to trust. Courage, an upturn is coming. Health. migraine.


November 23-December 21.

Heart. Is anyone in pain? You take care of yours with such kindness that (possible) grievances disappear. Work. A person to put in your pocket? Given your glibness, it’s… in your pocket! Health. Beautiful.


December 22-January 20

Heart. He’s not very attentive these days. If in addition your spouse is bothering you with a material concern, things will go wrong! Work. A decision to make? Think until 30 if you hesitate. Health. Take it easy on the coffee.


January 21-February 18.

Heart. You could be entitled to the big whirlwind. And not with anyone! Buy a windbreaker and get ready. Work. Given the lucky context, it’s time to put yourself forward and even brag. Health. Stunning.

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February 19-March 20

Heart. To avoid ? The reproaches that would tire your significant other. Which would be stupid since after this astral agitation, the sweetness returns. Work. He no longer motivates you? Prospect, you will get answers. Health. Move more.

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Horoscope 2022: your astrological forecasts, sign by sign, from October 15 to 21

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