Here’s why Sagittarius is misunderstood by other zodiac signs

Starting November 22, we celebrate the season of Sagittarius, an astrological sign known for its elusive side. We love him because he is always in a good mood and up for a roadtrip, but it can sometimes cause confusion around it. We tell you why Sagittarius is misunderstood by other astros signs.

Those born between November 22 and December 21 know that they are sometimes elusive. What is beautiful in all this is that they assume themselves completely.

Why is Sagittarius misunderstood by other star signs?

1. Sagittarius doesn’t talk about personal issues.

Of an optimistic nature, Sagittarius does not like to brood over problems and, even less, when it concerns them. We might find him mysterious. Gemini and Leo, who are more talkative in nature, might see it as a lack of consideration, while Cancer and Pisces, who are very close to their emotions, might perceive it as a lack of empathy. But, it’s none of that. Sagittarius prefers to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

2. Sagittarius doesn’t bond with just anyone.

A great adventurer, Sagittarius likes things to move. Exploring the world, its cultures and its languages, is his greatest passion. Friends, he has them all over the world. Since he has difficulty keeping still and loves to travel, he has more difficulty forming bonds “for life”, as would Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. You should also know that he is one of the most independent signs of the Zodiac. You can’t blame him, you just have to take him when he’s there!

3. Sagittarius has trouble keeping commitments.

Above all else, Sagittarius hates routine and everything that comes with it. It can happen to him to feel above the rules, especially those that prevent him from being totally free. A little negligent, he has great difficulty in respecting his commitments and, if he respects them, in arriving at them on time. However, now that we know that he can be a little distracted in his management of priorities and time, we just have to call him to the appointment fifteen minutes earlier than the scheduled time.

4. Sagittarius can seem naive.

Sagittarius can be dreamy and idealistic, much like Pisces. More down-to-earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn might have a hard time understanding this personality trait, which is the opposite of what they are. Even if this form of nonchalance can annoy certain signs, you should know that Sagittarius is a “real nice guy”, who has the values ​​in the right place.

5. Sagittarius can seem unfaithful.

In the eyes of some, Sagittarius might seem frivolous since he is a born seducer. His precious freedom must also be granted to him when he is in a relationship. For all these reasons, some astrological signs might doubt their loyalty and fidelity to their partner. But, does flirting mean cheating? You be the judge!

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Here’s why Sagittarius is misunderstood by other zodiac signs

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