Here is your favorite dish according to your astrological sign

Our astrological sign says a lot about our lifestyle, but also about our food preferences. So, what do you prefer to eat according to your astrological sign?

When it comes to food, we don’t have the same tastes and we can be more or less greedy. For some, food rhymes with conviviality and sharing, while for others, it only serves to bring us strength. If we each have our culinary preferences, our astrological sign can say a lot about our diet.

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An analysis was conducted by Uber Eats, the platform that delivers food to homes. Thanks to this application and the many orders made each day, Uber Eats has managed to compile a list of the different eating habits of each astrological sign. It’s up to you to check if he got it right!


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It’s well known that Aries is an impulsive sign that often makes decisions on the spur of the moment. Thus, this sign often orders food without thinking, following its cravings. Even if he likes hearty dishes, like the traditional steak and fries, he loves to eat sandwiches or kebabs.


This astrological sign is undoubtedly the most greedy of the zodiac. For him, eating is synonymous with pleasure. Taurus likes hearty and traditional dishes, which they share with their loved ones, and have a preference for anything pasta-based. A cheese lover, his indulgence is undoubtedly raclette.


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Gemini is a very curious sign that loves to discover the world around it. Thus, he will not hesitate to taste dishes that come from different cultures, such as paella, burgers or Asian food. For him, food allows him to travel.


Cancer is very attached to his family. He loves to share dishes with his loved ones around a large table. All traditional dishes will please him. This sign is also a great lover of fish: he loves salmon and has a weakness for sushi.


The Lion does not like to cook and he prefers to order if he wants to have fun. Even if he likes hearty and traditional dishes, he also likes to surprise himself by tasting more original dishes such as tapas or poke bowls.


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This sign is the one who eats the healthiest, since he is very careful about his health. A little hypochondriac, Virgo is careful to eat balanced and healthy meals. Thus, she likes salads, avocado and quiches: the main thing is to eat light.


Libra has a weakness for foreign cuisine. Like Gemini, she loves discovering dishes to travel for a meal. Libra particularly likes spicy dishes and loves tapas, chilli con carne and burritos. This sign is also very fond of sweets after dark.


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Scorpio likes to eat in a friendly atmosphere, with friends or family. Nothing like a simple dish that can be shared like pizza. When he receives his loved ones at his home, he becomes a real cordon bleu and does everything to please his guests by preparing delicious dishes.


Like Scorpio, Sagittarius likes to cook to delight their guests. However, this sign tends to be airheaded, which can cause them to skip steps in their recipe or forget ingredients. Fortunately, this sign has a real talent for cooking and knows how to fix its mistakes. Sagittarius especially enjoys cooking simple meals like fajitas, risotto, and fish.


Capricorn often commands in winter, when it starts to get cold and they don’t want to go out. This sign likes to be faithful to its little routine: it always takes the same thing as soon as it orders, even if it thinks that it will change each time. Capricorn likes everything simple like lasagna, salad and soup.


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Aquarius likes to prepare small dishes. He never forgets to take his Tupperware® brand container to work to treat himself during his lunch break with a recipe he has prepared himself. This cordon-bleu loves following all the culinary novelties and testing new recipes. This sign also has a weakness for pancakes and pastries.


For the Pisces, eating is synonymous with sharing and conviviality. This sign hates eating alone and prefers to get together with their family over a good meal. When he is away from his loved ones, he likes to prepare dishes that remind him of his childhood, such as ham pasta. Finally, Pisces likes fresh and quality products, such as fresh chicken or salmon.

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Here is your favorite dish according to your astrological sign

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