Here is the breed of dog that matches your astrological sign the most… you must adopt it!

Maintaining physical fitness through walks, boosting our immune system, feeling safer at home, effectively reducing stress… Living with a dog has many advantages… And of course, the unconditional love that these furballs bear is part! Faithful, affectionate, gentle… Dogs quite simply have the ability to instantly make us smile! So, if you want to take the plunge and adopt one of them, Public tells you which breed of dog best matches your astrological sign!

Aries: The German Shepherd is a born athlete… Which is why this dog will perfectly match the energetic personality of Aries who is considered the most athletic of all the zodiac signs!

Taurus: The French bulldog likes to take the air, but his morphology does not really allow him to run for hours alongside his master… Instead, this little canine prefers to snore on the sofa. A calm temperament reminiscent of the homebody character of Taureans. An earth sign who appreciates tranquility like no other.

Gemini: These little doggies are very intelligent and sociable. Not at all hostile to strangers, poodles are very playful, just like the sign of Gemini… The big end of the zodiac!

Cancer: The Australian Shepherd is very obedient and agile, but they tend to get bored very easily and don’t like to be left alone for too long… So with Cancer who is known to be a very gentle and loving zodiac sign, this dog will not lack affection!

Leo: Just like the sign of Leo, the Labrador Retriever needs human interaction. This dog raised as a hunting dog will find his place in an active household… And what better than a hyperactive Fire sign as a master!

Virgo: The shiba inu has a reputation for being an intelligent and very cunning dog. Although stubborn from time to time, the shiba is quite capable of obedience if his master shows restraint with him… And with an astrological sign as square as Virgo, one thing is certain, his education will not be neglected. .

Libra: Of a joyful nature, the Pomeranian will brighten up the daily life of the Libra native who tends to be a fairly stressed person on a daily basis. This little pooch will bring a lot of joy in the life of this astrological sign.

Scorpio: Stubborn but very sociable, affectionate but sometimes difficult to train and very independent… The husky is a demanding dog that is not suitable for all masters, but it will pair with a Scorpio who will know how to make this jovial dog its best friend.

Sagittarius: The German Shorthaired Pointer is a great athlete who likes long walks and adapts easily to all terrains. Robust and intelligent, this enduring dog is made for the Robinson Crusoe lifestyle of Sagittarius!

Capricorn: Beagles are among the most loyal breeds of dogs… A quality they share with Capricorn. An earth sign renowned for its high ethics.

Aquarius: The Pekingese spends a lot of time sleeping and resting… Very independent just like Aquarius, this very inactive dog will not upset the life of his master Aquarius who does not like change.

Poison: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is bred to be a companion first and foremost. Sweet, happy and warm, these affectionate doggies will receive lots of love from a best friend born under the sign of Pisces. A water sign known to be among the most sensitive of the zodiac.

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Here is the breed of dog that matches your astrological sign the most… you must adopt it!

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