Here are the two most hated star signs of the zodiac

As you already know, the astrological signs show the character traits of each person. When we talk about zodiac sign, we are obviously talking about the Sun signor, in other words, the one in which the Sun was at the time of your birth.

Astro: it’s all a matter of perspective!

Astro signs have compatibilities and differences between them. This can be determined by the element they belong to or their angular position in the zodiacal mandala.

It is impossible to be liked by everyone, and what for someone represents a insurmountable defect for someone else can be a quality.

That said, there is only one thing that everyone agrees on: there are two astrological signs that are more annoying than the others !

Astro: what are the 2 signs that everyone hates?

So maybe you don’t know this, but your sign could make you one of the most hated in the entire zodiac. These two signs have a reputation that is difficult to improve, since they have always been put in the position of “odious signs”. Do you want to know why?

The Twins

This sign is undoubtedly one of the least appreciated of the zodiac. But why ?! Well, as we said earlier, qualities can also be faults! This sign has a very light and sociable way of being, but they also have a duality that is difficult to live with. The Twins are unable to be emotionally stable, they change personality several times in a day. This Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the zodiac, can surprise with sudden and unexpected mood swings. Even the kindest and most tolerant people agree: this inconsistency is unbearable.

The Scorpion

Here we have a sign that is hated, but above all, feared! It is paradoxical, because the natives of Scorpio have this bad reputation which makes them irresistible. Their intensity is scary, as it is unclear what all his dark emotions are made of that lead him to act in mysterious ways. His motives are rarely shared with the rest of mortals and this can generate distrust of them. Our survival instinct animal asks us to protect ourselves from the unknown. Their reserved and enigmatic nature is certainly attractive, but equally frightening too.

In life, everything is not black or white!

These two signs have clearly taken very dearly all their lives. Especially Scorpio. Legend has it that there are women who ask to change the date of their birth so that their offspring is not of the terrible sign of Scorpio!

But the truth is that these two signs have incredible qualities! Gemini is one of the most quick-witted and funny signs of the zodiac. Their intelligence and their repartee are of an unusual freshness. They might have that unpredictable little flaw that will make your back hair stand on end from time to time, but most of the time they will try to make you laugh and have a good time with you.

For Scorpio, their nature passionate is without equal. It is enough to know one of these natives in depth for them to reveal an ability to invest in the human ties that ultimately make them very endearing people.

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Here are the two most hated star signs of the zodiac

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