Here are the two astrological signs that will be at the top for Christmas and the New Year

The year 2022 is already coming to an end. Time flies and planetary changes also follow. Barbara Courlet, astrologer, explains in an interview with Current wifewhy some peoples will live the end of year celebrations better than others.

The answer depends on your astrological sign.

The movement of the planets and astrology

We all know that astrology is linked to the planets and Barbara Courlet explains the movements of the latter at the end of the year. The end-of-year celebrations are a stressful period for everyone for different reasons: the search for gifts, the preparation of Christmas menus, the organization of the New Year… Even if these are festive periods, they require everything even an organization. Especially since the planetary changes of the year 2023 are quite complicated.

A double downgrade will take place at the end of 2022, which can cause slowdowns or malfunctions. March is being retrograde in Gemini and Mercury starts on December 30. This double phenomenon slows us down. According to Barbara, “Even though we experienced the peak period of Mars, it retrogrades at the last Full Moon and the energies are waning“. We therefore advise you to be organized and to plan your vacation end of the year because the energies will not necessarily be in our favour.

Two astrological signs honored during the holiday season

We are in the habit of making a balance sheet at the end of each year. And according to Barbara, this year is going to be more scary because ” with Mercury and Mars in retrograde, this movement amplifies moods that can slow us down, make us feel like there’s nothing working“. Knowing that the planets affect our state and our energies, anticipate things and don’t let astrology slow you down. 2023 can be a great year for everyone, even if two signs are favored.

Thanks to Jupiter, Pisces and Aries will be the happiest people at the end of 2022. These are the two astrological signs that will have the most positive energy because “Jupiter arrives in the sign of PiscesBarbara confirms. If you are one of those lucky ones, you will be favored during this period and you will only see positive things!

The unexpected astrological signs at the end of 2022

In Group, we are used to seeing Leos or Gemini in front. These signs are generally very sociable and at ease during family gatherings. But this year, Barbara explains that the roles are reversed. Taurus and Cancers will be the stars of the end-of-year celebrations this year. 2022 is the year when they will feel fulfilled around the large Christmas and New Year tables.

Taurus are people tender to whom nothing can be refused. If you are received by a Taurus this year, their hospitality will bring you in a good mood. Surprised, Barbara explains that Cancers will be particularly fulfilled at the end of the year, but by “his shyness and his sensitivity, he prefers somewhat restrained and family atmospheres” Barbara adds. To put them at ease, do not hesitate to reduce the number of guests or offer to orchestrate some plans for the evening.

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Here are the two astrological signs that will be at the top for Christmas and the New Year

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