Here are the most impatient signs of the zodiac

As we all know, the patience is a great quality to have. This ability to stay calm in the face of urgency or adversity is, to say the least, rare. All zodiac signs tend to have very specific characteristics of their own, based on their date of birth. In this article, you will find out which star signs are the most tolerant!

Astro: the astrological factors that create impatience

There is an astrological position, which when it appears in a natal chart, can generate a feeling of impatience. This is Mars, planet of action and fire. When this is in a sign of the air element can be problematic.

The energy of this planet which tends to be directed towards a target in this etheric element is dispersed and loses its direction, creating anxiety and urgency. For all people who have Mars in an air sign (GeminiBalance, Aquarius). It is also strongly recommended for these natives to do a practice that brings them to the present moment, such as meditation and yoga!

What are the most impatient zodiac signs according to astrology?

Patience is not a virtue that does not accompany these 3 astrological signs. They’ll be about to lose their temper for a bit, so be warned! Find out if you are one of them.


When it comes to impatience, one sign in particular takes the podium over restlessness. Aries are a special class of people because what they find most difficult in life is waiting. This fire sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, so it makes sense that they can’t just sit and wait. Self-control isn’t their thing, and when their temper gets out of hand, it’s best to run away!


This is another sign that has trouble keeping still and doesn’t know how to control their impulsiveness. They have a highly developed intellect, but their impatience often plays tricks on them. They have an uncontrollable urgency to speak, which makes them say certain things without thinking, despite their brilliant intellectual condition. It’s a shame, because if they could control their verbosity with a little calm and self-control, they would be in less trouble!


The natives of this fire sign are endowed with an oversized ego. This is why they very easily lose patience when what they say or want is not done. The same is true when the attention is not focused on them consistently. This means that at the slightest annoyance, they lose control of themselves and throw a tantrum. The fire element that characterizes them is so uncontrollable when they get angry that it makes them volatile. Attention !

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Act yes, but without getting impatient!

Sometimes impulsiveness can be synonymous with spontaneity, but if we are not able to control ourselves, life in society becomes very difficult. Controlling one’s temper and staying calm is not only good for our social relationships, but also for our health. Stress caused by impatience is very harmful to the body. So no matter what, the best thing to do is to be zen!

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Here are the most impatient signs of the zodiac

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