Full Thunder Moon July 2022: Date, time and which astrological signs are involved?

You are tired) ? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Are you constantly arguing with your other half? Rest assured ! The Thunder Full Moon in July 2022 may be the cause. So what is his influence on you? When and how to observe this XXL supermoon? And what will be its influence on your astrological sign? We take stock!

Astro July 2022: Why a thundering Full Moon exactly?

As a general rule, each Full Moon has a nickname. That of July is called the Full Thunder Moon. Why ? Well, for very obvious reasons. If you think about it for a moment, it takes place during the hottest and stormiest month of the year. So, it is not a date that brings bad luck, but quite the contrary. The July Full Moon is when the sun and the star closest to the earth find themselves on either side of the zodiac wheel, provoking strong reactions in certain astrological signs.

What date and time does the Super Moon fall in July?

On the night of Wednesday July 13 to Thursday July 14, a new Super Moon will light up the sky. Unlike the New Moon of May 30, 2022 which was practically invisible, this one can be observed with the naked eye, while it is positioned closest to our planet, 357,264 km away. In France, it can be admired for several hours after sunset on Wednesday evening. According to the official NASA website, the star will be observable until 4:52 a.m. on July 14. To take full advantage of it, get binoculars or a telescope. As for the weather, the sky looks clear in most of the country. However, this night will also be an opportunity to witness another celestial spectacle: the passage of a comet.

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Super Thunder Moon July 13, 2022: what sign is it in?

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Don’t be fooled by this inky night. The influence of the Thunder Full Moon and the signs that feel its effects strongly depend on the astrological sign in which the star is located. This July 13, 2022, it will be the Capricorn, which is not a positive sign. The XXL Moon then invites us to remain measured throughout the month. However, for three zodiac signs, this first part of summer will be conducive to professional opportunities, friendly outings and a pleasant love life.

The luckiest zodiac signs in July 2022

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While for some zodiac signs the Super Thunder Moon can cause tension in those around them, for others it’s a very auspicious time. This is particularly the case of BullFish and Scorpio who will live a beautiful period as lucky as it is fulfilling this month of July 2022.

  • Pisces will be very lucky on a daily basis. They will feel creative and inspired. It is therefore the ideal time to embark on the realization of various projects.
  • If there is one star sign that will be a ball of energy this summer, it will undoubtedly be Taurus. However, he will need to spend some quality time with his family to recharge his batteries. Loved ones and the home must therefore be honoured. Be careful, however, not to neglect your professional life too much.
  • During this Full Moon period, Scorpio’s career skyrockets. Of course, small tensions can be felt due to fatigue and overwork. But let the representatives of this sign be reassured. Thanks to the lucky planet, Jupiter, you will have several opportunities to seize, provided you follow your own instincts.

What about unlucky signs?

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While some will be popular during the Thundering Full Moon, others will not be so lucky. Here are the signs that are likely to have a difficult month:

  • The first sign that will be particularly bothered by the July 2022 Super Moon is the Cancer. Reactions that are a little too aggressive can cause him a lot of problems, both in professional life and in the home. So, it is better to take a step back and put off some important projects and decisions.
  • the Capricorn risks being stressed and taken by fear, which will prevent him from making the best decisions. However, nothing serious. You just have to wait for the end of this particular period.
  • the Ram is the other unlucky sign that is likely to have problems on a daily basis. Pay particular attention to delays and problems in the vicinity.

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Full Thunder Moon July 2022: Date, time and which astrological signs are involved?

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