Full pink moon of April 16, 2022: the time to clean up our professional and personal relationships

After the climax of the strong Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces who brightened up our week, the full moon of April 16, 2022 will take us to the depths of our soul. Objective ? Spring cleaning our emotions to find harmony and balance in our lives.

A quest for appeasement necessary before the stirring season of eclipses which begins next month and which promises to be agitated.

“This full moon closes the cycle which opened on October 6 and which invited us to weave more conscious and authentic relationships, daring to express our desires and personal values”, predicts the astrologer Luciana Calvetti via her Instagram account @BulletinDesEtoiles. “Now is the time to take stock and observe the transformations that we have experienced over the past 6 months”.

Full Moon April 16, 2022: Restoring Balanced Relationships

Under the aegis of Libra, a sign of relationships and harmony, this full moon highlights our need for balance with others. “Ruled by Venus, the planet of relationships, and ruling the seventh house of partnership, the cardinal air sign is all about creating harmony with one another,” explains Maressa Brown, astro expert of the American site InStyle.com. “In other words, this has the potential to be a mostly romantic and relationship-oriented lunar event,” she continues.

This pink full moon – not because it changes color but because it symbolizes spring – offers us the opportunity to improve our relationships, whether personal or professional. “It’s the perfect time to completely free yourself from negative thoughts or relationships that have no place to be”, decrypts theastrologer Jane Allison, questioned by popsugar.

“This moon offers us the opportunity to make appropriate adjustments where needed. […] “It’s a beautiful time to forgive and ask for forgiveness, and to be honest about your unmet needs,” she continues.

As for Luciana Calvetti, she explains that the square to Pluto in Capricorn formed by this full moon “asks us to transmute, cleanse, destroy the patterns and structures that seem too rigid. In any case, it invites us to go deeply into what is weighing us down and blocking our development”.

New stages in our professional and personal lives

In addition to the question of partnerships and relationships that seems to be at the heart of this lunation, it also pushes us to get involved. “One of the major planetary aspects of this moon is a close trine – basically, the most harmonious aspects that can occur between planets – with Saturn, the planet of hard work, limits, limitations, but also commitment – in her other air sign Aquarius,” recalls Maressa Brown on InStyle.

This planetary stacking leads us to believe that this full moon can be the scene of new stages in your professional and personal lives. : marriage proposals, pairing, but also new projects launched in partnerships or commitment to new causes. Especially since this season of Aries in which this full pink moon takes place, is that of renewal, of rebirth… in short, a favorable period for planting the seeds of your future life.

Finally, note that this lunation will not be easy. On the one hand because of a tense – but exciting – aspect with Pluto (planet of power and regeneration) which can bring back to the fore dramas. But also because of a Mercury-Uranus rapprochement in Taurus, which portends great changes.

Full moon April 2022: what effects on my astro sign?

Like every astral movement, this full moon will affect the signs of the Zodiac differently.

We start with the Rams. This full moon gives the starting signal for you to embark on a new partnership, which could be a source of good money. However, remember when determining the terms of this relationship.

The Bulls will have to review their daily routine to put themselves back at the center of their quest for well-being. Listen to yourself.

Life in pink for Gemini. The full moon invites you to declaim your feelings and share what is in your heart.

Finding the perfect balance between your professional life and your private life: this is the quest that awaits you Cancer. And if you can add to that a commitment to a great cause, you could get the perfect happiness equation.

Great conversations on the pillow – or elsewhere – await our friends the Leos. The goal ? Take your relationships to the next level, regardless of the plan involved.

The virgins will have their eyes glued to their bank account. You could indeed see a very lucrative project come to fruition. Remember to take advantage of it before re-investing.

As to Scales: make way for dramas, with a capital D. Emotions on edge, you will be embarked on a wave of romance. Enjoy it.

Shedding light on the dreams that inhabit your dear subconscious Scorpios. These could well come true if you finally listen to yourself.

To realize a long-standing objective, the Sagittarians, you will need your loved ones. Take advantage of great exchanges with your friends or colleagues, that’s how you will progress.

This Full Moon is going to help you focus on your career, dear Capricorns. To clearly mark out your journey, take the time to write down your objectives. They will be easier to reach once installed.

A wind of adventure is blowing in your life Aquarius : you are ready to get out of your comfort zone to find new sources of happiness.

We end our tour of the Zodiac with the Pisces. After a grueling start to the year, it’s time for you to embrace your vulnerability to find out what your heart is telling you.

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Full pink moon of April 16, 2022: the time to clean up our professional and personal relationships

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